Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover

  • Exclusive made for the Caboose Ultralight and Caboose Too Ultralight strollers
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Front opening allows items to be passed to child without removing or lifting cover
  • Easy to install

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover Reviews

works but could be designed better (By Amazon Customer)

The raincover is made of strong, durable material and covers both kids well. However, it’s a pain to get the front seated child in and out quickly as you have to lift the entire rain cover off to do so which, if it’s covered in rainwater, will result in water dripping off the cover and onto either the stroller or yourself if you’re not careful.
I understand why there is the front opening (to pass things to the front child) but my baby loves to grab hold of it and try and chew it. If it was a zip opening it would be better, maybe. As well as a way to keep the rqaincover on when removing the front child (like a velcro door or something like the rear child has.

poor design: too short (By Demi007)

i am very disapointed with this. I bought the one designed by the stroller company instead of a generic to make sure it would fit the peculiar design of the Joovy (longer). Las! It is too short in the front so my little one has her feet wet. Even with rainboots, the cover hits right above her boots so rain pours directly inside them…….
I tried several thing to make it work bc I thought I was not using it properly… Did not change anything
Kid in the back is somewhat covered, but same, not the legs.

Fit perfectly on only Joovy Caboose Ultralight (By Ling)

Since this stroller is particularly short, I highly doubt this cover will fit on other strollers. The cover is heavy duty and the flap in the front is useful to reach into the front seat or provide entertainment for my baby. It would be nice to have zippers to get the kids out of the stroller without taking the entire thing off though. Stayed on pretty securely to the stroller even though there weren’t a lot of snaps or fasteners. Relatively easy to get onto the stroller, although a little hard to fold up since the material is heavy duty.

It fits pretty well. My pet peeves (By MMK)

It fits pretty well.

My pet peeves:

1. There’s no zipper in the front so taking baby in and out is a pain in the butt because you have to remove the entire cover or bunch it up and let it rest on the top.

2. Bigger kids sitting in the back WITHOUT the added seat (so, just facing person pushing stroller) doesn’t get the best wind coverage and it touches her face so she can’t move much.

Overall functional. I like my old one better but, unfortunately, doesn’t fit this model stroller.

It makes going out much better in the winter and in not so perfect weather (By Zhi)

This cover does its job perfectly. It blocks out wind and rain yet provides a breathable environment under it for my baby girl. It makes going out much better in the winter and in not so perfect weather. Great purchase and my wife is glad I jumped on this.

Works as advertised but seams coming apart after a weekend of use (By daddyDIY)

We took the family to Walt Disney World and thought, just in case, let’s grab this cover. Glad we did. We needed it. It kept the stroller (joovy caboose which it fit perfectly) and the children safe and dry for 2 days of fairly heavy use. Upon unpacking back home, however, I found one of the edges had torn from the plastic already. A little disappointing in this respect. For light, infrequent use I’d recommend it, but I hesitate to say this will last for years of repeated use.

Awesome! (By Timothy)

We trooped for HOURS through Disneyworld in pouring rain the first week of May 2014 which was above normal rainfall for Orlando. It rained all day and yet both our 4 year old and 9 month old stayed perfectly dry, except for 9 month old tips of toes which stuck out a little bit, but not big deal. This works as advertised and fits perfectly over the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. I recommend everyone getting this…you never know when you need it! Don’t buy a universal…trust me!

It does what it needs to do. (By CK)

It worked great when we were in very cold windy conditions out of town. We could not have been outside without it.

It could definitely be better though. There should be a way to not lift the whole front up to get your kid out. I’ve seen ones on other strollers that just look like they are better quality and would be more, tolerable, to the passengers. Maybe they will make something better in the future.