Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller, Orangie (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller, Orangie (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Infinite one hand 149 degree seat recline, adjustable 5 point harness and footrest
  • 7″ wheels with sealed bearings and all wheel suspension for a smoother ride
  • Easy one hand fold with automatic fold lock and carry handle
  • Zippered storage pocket, 2 cup holders and in seat mesh pockets for child
  • Oversized canopy with top view window and tall ergonomic 425″ handles; Max child weight: 55 pounds

Joovy Stroller: Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller, Orangie (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Please read (By Jdthvp)

This stroller is beautiful but why would i buy this one when i can buy joovy groove ULTRALIGHT umbrella stroller? This one is much heavier and the seat is more reclined in the up position. also, the color is gorgeos but I think it should have had more gray in some areas, such as the handles and the middle of the seat. its not just a matter of taste, this stroller got dirty just buy tanking it out of the box. also, the seat is a little unconfortable in the back since it has like metal rails on the other side unconfortable for your babys back (you want him to let you shop, don’t you?) The ultralight doesn’t have this problem. the fabric is durable and good quality but very rough on baby’s skin. the ultrilight’s fabric is different and i think it is water proof.
Buy the ultrilight instead and you will LOVE it. I was going to review it but unfortunatelly amazon doesn’t sell it. I returned this one and bought the ultrilight at buybuy baby. and since amazon doesn’t sell it I will review it here…so,
Today I went to 4 different places with my daughter and I loved every time I had to take out the stroller…it is hard to believe it but its true. most high quality umbrella strollers are heavy or bulky (or they are ultra light and cheap but don’t have the features the ultrilight joovy has). I am 5 feet and everything feels big and heavy to me. I suffered greatly with my first stroller, chicco cortina travel system. but this one I LIFT IT WITH ONE HAND, and its a very small hand.

not joovys best (By Alady McSomeonestine)

I really wanted to love this stroller,truly. I have purchased many Joovy products throughout 5 babies and have loved them all but this stroller has to be one of the worst I have had. I researched all the umbrella strollers and the groove had all the most important features.Large canopy,good size basket,recline,tall handles and looked nice. But within the first 3 minutes of putting my 1.5 yr old daughter in it she was very up set.First,the material is so rough she had a big red mark on her cheek from rubbing her face on the side frame.Second,she could not sit up even with the back up as far as it could go leaving her slouched and if there were no crotch strap to hold her in she would have just slid right out.Third,the front wheels don’t want to stay on the ground,they just lift right up and if you were to have anything at all hanging on a handle it would tip right over. Fourth,there was no way I could find to hang a diaper bag or shopping bag on it at all. Fifth,it is so heavy and long when folded,I dont forsee it fitting well in the trunk of a small car with other things.We cruzed the mall twice for about an hour each time and my girl was just so uncomfortable in it I had to return it and try another stroller.I have purchased over 20 strollers throughout my 5 babies and I think this Groove seemed the most uncomfortable for the child.

Very clean look and easy to handle. (By Kirill Polyakov)

One flow in design is that when you fold it front wheels touch overhead canopy and leave dirty marks on it. Other than that it is very sharp looking Stroller. Plenty of pockets, handles easily with one hand. We will be traveling with it in couple of month overseas will update on the experience.
Oh and one more thing. If you have long legs you will struggle with it because there are not much space between you and the stroller.

When folded up the wheels touch the canopy and dirty it. make sure you remove the canopy before … (By Caroline Vaughn)

The stroller looks lovely until a few uses. The bright green color shows everything on it. When folded up the wheels touch the canopy and dirty it. make sure you remove the canopy before folding it up. The cup holders are not useful either unless you use a bottled beverage holder with a screw top lid. I bought this stroller 4/9/14 and yesterday we were strolling around in a shopping center and the foot strap just broke and curled up. There is no way to reattach it and my sons feet barely even reach it to begin with. It rolls smoothly and is easy to get in and out of doors. The straps/buckles are easy to use and you have the option of use just the lap belt or the lap in combination with the shoulder straps as well. The canopy is very large and allows for lots of coverage for the little one. Another nice feature is the two pockets inside the seat for your childs toys/, drinks, or food, etc. However the handles are soft and puncture/tear easily. It is also difficult to maneuver with one hand. I would consider buying it again if the foot strap design is changed and I would buy it in black or a much darker color.

I Really like this stroller (By alicia)

I Really like this stroller, it is a nice compromise between a little umbrella stroller and a full travel set style stroller, the the distinction between this and the ultra-light model, this one certainly is heftier but with that comes a thicker grade material and larger wheels which give it a little bit better handling, both models have their merits depending on your needs, for us this one is great and I couldn’t beat the price.