Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller Review

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller

  • TWIN INFANT CAR SEAT FRAME STROLLER with unique side mounts for easy access to both babies
  • STURDY and STABLE, easy handling and super maneuverability
  • FEATURES one-hand fold, front-wheel suspension, swivel wheel locks, rear brakes
  • TONS OF STORAGE, large under seat basket with organizer and 4 cup holders for bottles or beverages

Joovy Stroller: JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller Reviews

Best Stroller for Twins in Carseats. (By LancerB)

When you are having twins you want to make your life easier in any way you can. I researched twin car seat strollers and picked this one based on my findings. Now after 4 month, I am especially glad I picked this one.

What I love:
-Car Seat Click In (Makes it easy to do errands when you can easily transport your twins in their car seat from the car and into the stroller)
-Easy to fold up and easy to collapse (you can do this with one hand)
-Easy view of both your babies (I don’t want just the rest of the world to see my twins, I want to see them anytime I look forward). This design allow babies to both the same side or alternate side but at a 90 degree from the person pushing the twins.
– Storage area under the stroller

What could be improved:
-Ability to collapse smaller – Check the product dimensions to make sure it will fit in your vehicle. It works great in my Toyota Rav4 but is to big to fit in my smaller vehicle.
-It works with several car seat types but it would be nice to expand to accommodate additional car seat types.
-Adapters have to be purchased separately. It would be nice to either have multiple adapters ship with the stroller or to have kits that a consumer could pick the stroller and adapter combo together.

Overall, I think it is the best one on the market and it has allowed me to give the Mrs. a break while I take the twins with me alone to the grocery store and other errands. Random people always comment what a cool stroller this is an it makes for a fun conversation starter when meeting people in everyday life.

Works for the Graco Snugride Click Connect 30 Too!! (By Urfriendlindsey)

The description only lists that the Snugride Click Connect 35 and 40 are compatible and not the 30. It definitely works for the 30 as well, not sure why it’s not listed as compatible. I do have a very minor issue though. Its advertised that you can switch which way the car seats face (which you could not with the original twin roo) and that was the selling point for me. While technically that is true, in order to face the car seat in a different direction you have to uninstall the adaptors and switch them out. I was under the impression that I could simply unlatch the car seat and face it the opposite direction without any other hassle. Like I said not a major issue but just thought I would mention it. It could very well just be with the Graco seats too.

Absolute best car seat frame stroller for twins!! (By O)

Absolutely love this stroller!!
This is the best stroller for twins in car seats on the market!! I did a lot of research talking to other twin moms and looking at reviews before we bought it. We have Chicco Keyfit30 car seats. We bought the adapter from the Joovy website and it fits perfectly. The car seats snap in and out by the same handle that the carseat is released from the car seat base. This makes sure the car seats are in the stroller snug and secure.
It is easily able to maneuver and turn in tight places. The wheels are larger and more sturdy than most of the other car seat frame strollers.
It has a sturdy frame and large basket on the bottom to store items.
The car seats can look sideways in either direction independently or together.
It is able to fold up easily and fits in the trunk of my Chevy Malibu car with room to spare. Even with the car seat adapter on the frame the stroller is able to fold up easily.
It is not heavy at about 20 pounds so it is easy for me to get out of the trunk and fold open even after healing from a c-section.

I did have a baby trend snap and go and hated it. The car seats just sat on the stroller and weren’t secure. They would tilt either forward or backward and I felt like the babies were uncomfortable because they were too upright or leaning back too far. I was constantly having to readjust the way the car seats were sitting. Even with the straps over the seats they still moved.

Not so compact. (By 4Eights)

Easy to assemble. Seems really sturdy and rides smooth, but isn’t so compact as advertised. Joovy claims it fits in any car, which could be true if said car didn’t have car seats in it. We couldn’t get it to fit in our hatchback 2014 Kia Soul. We took out the bottom section of the back and still didn’t fit. It needs another hinge or something, we are 2 inches from it fitting. Now I get why everyone buys minivans.

Well made stroller worth the price, but wish it folded differently to be more compact. (By wabba)

Very sturdy and well made stroller, particularly compared to the Baby trend brand that is the direct competitor to this one. The car seats click into place (vs the straps that the baby trend uses) which makes the whole thing feel very sturdy and secure. The frame is sturdy, the wheels are well made of high quality plastic and pivot easily for great maneuverability. The wheels have a thick foam rolling surface and it rolls smoothly on any hard surface.

One thing to note is that while the side facing car seats are nice because you can see the babies, it also makes this stroller quite wide. Certainly will fit through any standard size door but its wider than the average stroller, so beware that you’re not going to fit it through narrow aisles or the clothing racks at Macys – but would do fine with wide aisles or sidewalks.

My primary complaint and the thing to watch with this one is that it is NOT “compact” in length and will not “fit in any car” as the description says. It won’t fit in the trunk of my BMW 5 series sedan, which by most standards is a large trunk. You’ll see in other reviews that it won’t fit in the back of SUVs or other sedans, so make sure you measure your trunk before you buy. The folded footprint is about 48″x26″. It’s also not terribly light weight, which is often the reason people typically buy these frame style systems rather than the other types which can be used for longer as your babies grow. At the same time, the extra weight is a trade off for it being so sturdy.