Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black Review

Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black

  • One-size-fits-all fixed handle height, full swivel front wheel, rear foot brake and lightweight mesh gear tray. Stroller weighs a mere 17 pounds, is 23” wide, and can accommodate up to 44 pounds
  • Large sun canopy with extra-large flick-out mesh sun visor and Velcro-free peek-a-boo mesh sun flap to quietly check on baby while they snooze
  • Upright to lie-flat (for newborns) ventilated mesh seat back with with rollaway fabric option for more coverage; Easy to remove zip-off fabric for easy cleaning and tailfree harness included
  • Included in the box (black color only) is a car seat adapter to attach a Mountain Buggy Protect, phil&teds Alpha, or Maxi Cosi Mico (including AP) infant car seat to the stroller to create a travel system
  • Also compatible with Graco Classic and Click Connect, Peg Perego, and Chicco Keyfit and infant car seats with adapter purchased separately
  • Included in the box (black color only) is a car seat adapter to attach a Mountain Buggy Protect, phil&teds Alpha, or Maxi Cosi Mico (including AP) infant car seat and also included are a storm cover and sun cover

Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black Reviews

great stroller (By seal459)

I am surprised that nobody has reviewed this stroller. I bought this stroller when it was new to the market and had little reviews on the internet. I took a chance because I know that Mountain Buggy makes quality strollers. One complaint I read was that it was a bumpy ride due to the tires. The vibration and bumpy-ness caused by the tires is so minimal and should not deter you from getting this stroller. It is lightweight and ideal for city living. A nice alternative to the city mini and in my opinion better looking. I would highly recommend this stroller.

Perfect for us! (By L. Frey)

First, I must admit, this stroller just arrived today, But! we put 4.5 miles on it this evening including in downpour rain. I’m one of those people who hate accumulating lots and lots of gear, but this stroller was needed to replace two others we own. We have a Schwinn fixed wheel jogger we got in 2008 and a Joovy Ultralight Caboose, we got last summer. Both were decent strollers but weren’t cutting it for us. The Schwinn was great when we lived right near an area with straight paths, and I ran pretty often. Fast foward to last summer when we moved into an urban area and walk often including to and from my husband’s work 9 blocks from us, and our Joovy was our second car. It was great for awhile but our boys now almost 3 and 6 are outgrowing it. Our 3 year old’s legs are generally dangling in the wheels and our 6 year old is used to walking further distances now. Enter the MB Mini Stroller, it is SO light, I can easily steer around anything, it’s almost effortless, even with one hand. It keeps my little guys feet away from the wheel and there is a nice foot platform. The wheels are amazing…I was hesitant to buy a stroller without air filled tires, because of issues we had with the Joovy, but these handle sidewalk issues, from gutters to uneven concrete, even curb lips. I even ran with it on a park path and there was no front wheel wobble issues (the wheel does not lock) the break is super secure but I could engage and release it easily while wearing minimalist shoes. (I could only stand to release the Schwinn ones with my hands) The cargo net is shallow looking but today I had my stroller essentials, small first aid kit, wipes, the boys rain coats, a small blanket, umbrella, and then ended up adding my husband’s lunch bag, a full size umbrella, and a 12″ pizza.
Once we got caught in the rain we even strapped my older son’s Mini Kick Scooter to the back of it using the wrist safety strap. We did have the three year old hold an umbrella to keep dry, as we didn’t have a rain cover. I also added a set of Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks to hang our Kleen Kanteens from. My only complaint was how you adjust the straps, but only a small annoyance. Oh! when it is collapsed (super easy to do) it stands upright all on its own! Now I’m looking foward to walking around the city again without having to constantly lift the stroller over every sidewalk bump (Joovy) or lifting/dragging it (Fixed wheel Schwinn) around people and obstacles, plus no tight back muscles since it is light and effortless!

Perfect travel stroller (By Hiral Shah)

We love this stroller. We tried many strollers for travel and running quick errands. This is the strongest one that is very easy to push, sturdy and super easy to fold up. It has been on a plane multiple times and did not break. Our daughter is also very comfortable in this stroller. Highly recommend it.

Just got it and love it already (By Loraine)

We got this stroller to replace our old umbrella stroller. We got an excellent sale price for it when we bought it (under $200), but normally it is priced over $300 (I think). It was very easy to assemble, It is also a very smooth ride, opens and closes very easily, and my son loves it! He loves to look at us through the window in the canopy. I wish that it had a cup holder inside for the child, or even better, a front bar console that can hold drinks/treats/toys and also serve to hold the child in so that you don’t have to strap in a toddler. I also wish it had a cup holder/organizer on the handle for the pusher. I have ordered one, but I’m not sure if it will fit since the handle is not angled like many strollers. Anyway, I definitely recommend this stroller if you can get it for about $200. I would not buy it for more than $300.

Perfect lightweight, stylish stroller EASY TO USE (By Nora)

We were choosing between this stroller and the new Phil&Ted’s Smart buggy. This one won hands down within a few minutes. It has a REAL one hand/one button closure and it also stands up on its own when folded. Opening is also easy it does not require you to throw any body weight into it or get any momentum going for it to lock in place. It just falls open when you release the lock which did I mention automatically locks when you close it! With a thirteen pound baby I can push easily with one hand and hold the dog’s leash with the other. I’m sure this one hand pushing with become more difficult as he gets heavier. It is also easy to lift because it weighs nothing compared to most strollers.

mini for my mini! (By warren11)

I think our family has now found the perfect stroller! We have “test driven” several (my poor husband), but nothing compares to the mini! It is SUPER lightweight and very smooth to push. The fold is beyond easy which was a huge selling point for me. I also love that the tires are airless – anything that makes my life easier earns major bonus points! :) My little guy loves to stroll, but usually falls asleep halfway through the ride, so I love that the seat can lay flat and there is a huge canopy to block the sun. Plus, the same great durability as all the other Mountain Buggies. Overall this stroller is a WINNER for families on the go!

Good stroller, but depends on what you need. (By KayC)

Great high-quality light stroller with nice wheels that is easy to manuever. The reason I will return are as follows:

a) the seat is too small (you can’t really see this from the pictures but the seat is VERY shallow, seems like the baby’s butt won’t fit there after about 1 year.
b) the leg rest is too short, so again your baby will grow out of it farely quickly
c) the leg rest has a wide metal plate that would be right under your child’s calves… if you leave in hot sunny climate it will heat up under the sun and can burn the baby. We tested it by leaving the sroller outside for a few minutes and it did get hot under direct sun. Again, you can’t really tell this from the pictures and description.