Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone Review

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone

  • Durable dark 600 denier blue denim exterior, with soft cotton interior and a main seat offering a 5 point safety, tail free harness that ensures no risk to your child from excess straps
  • Smooth drop fold with automatic frame lock and standing feature for easier storage in the house
  • Ultra adaptable and infant ready out of the box with its lie flat seat mode – also compatible with the graco snug ride, maxi cosi mico, and cybex aton car seats with adapter (sold separately)
  • Roomy gear tray great for your shopping, due to the strong support of the metal frames underneath, the roomy gear tray can take quite a load off holding up to a best in class 22 pounds
  • Stroller is 25″ wide, weighs 26 pounds, and can accommodate a child from birth to 4 years or up to the max weight capacity of 44 pounds

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone Reviews

Pricey compared to similar strollers but digging it (By shan1212)

I have previously owned a Mutsy 4Rider Light, a BOB utility stroller, and the Mountain Buggy Plus One. I wanted to replace the Mutsy which was sold to purchase a double. The Plus One is a great stroller, and I run with it as a single or as a double, but I wanted a four-wheel, petite stroller to maneuver easily on city streets and in shops. My older child is 3.5 so I didn’t feel I needed a stroller with a second seat like the B-Ready or the City Select, though I was tempted by the new Phil and Teds Verve. If I could have tried that out in person I might have gotten it.

I tested out the City Versa and City Select and felt that they were much less maneuverable than my gold-standard, the Mutsy. I also tested out the Mutsy EVO, which was nice to push but did not have a good basket for carting groceries home. The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan is nearly as breezy to push as the Mutsy and has an awesome basket reinforced with steel, so that sold me on it. It does not take a second seat but I’ve ordered the freerider to use with it. From the pictures it looks like your free-riding child’s head might be cramped based on the position of the handlebar and the fact that it’s not adjustable, so I’ll update on that once we’ve used it. I figure that since we’ll take the Plus One when we feel we need a true double, this won’t be a big issue for us.

My 3.5 year old tested out the seat and was just under the canopy, so I don’t see this stroller being comfortable for a much older child, but I think it will be fun to use with my one year old for the next couple of years.

I gave it 4 stars because it seems priced a bit high compared to its obvious competition like the Mutsy EVO and the City Versa, but I didn’t mind paying the price to get the features (big basket, sturdy and smooth ride, petite and relatively light frame) that were important to me.

Missed the mark. (By MamaMoose)

This is a beautiful stroller. But far from perfect. Had I paid full price, it would have been returned. But it’s good enough for the open-box price.

Quality feels good.
So easy to steer, even one handed, with a full basket and chubby baby.
Curb pops beautifully.
Lovely large canopy, love the expandable mesh for airflow.
Best basket EVER!! Huge. Sturdy. My 16lbs dog loves riding in it at the end of a long walk, next to the veggies from farmers market.
Love how the seat converts from bassinet to seat with a few intelligent buckles.
Easy recline.
Forward or rear facing is always a plus. Easy to switch around even with baby in seat.
Love the large wheels. They handle gravel alley ways and terrible small, rural town roads just fine. Not the suspension of a jogging stroller, but it’s not a jogging stroller.

Harness is huge, at tightest. Droops off my 20lb, tall 6 month baby.
Because the harness is huge I realized how high the bumper bar. My loosely buckled baby hit the bumper bar with her face couple of times going off a curb. I have to be very diligent avoid this. It also obstructs her view. Seems like the bumper height was meant for a larger child except…
The seat is really, really short. It will never fit a larger child. My six month girl is approximately 22″ seat to top of head. She has, maybe 2-3″ to go before her head hits the canopy.
This stroller folds huge. Takes up quite a bit of the trunk in Land Rover Discovery. And it sticks when folding. A pain.

Overall, for the price I paid, I like this stroller. But I avoid traveling with it. Strictly house to road. Great market stroller.
I just purchased the Mamas & Papas Armadillo for travel and smaller trunk footprint.

This Stroller rocks! (By Mommy on the Go)

This stroller looks very trendy with the denim fabric, but is very versatile as well! I love that it lays all the way down like a bassinet making it very convenient for the baby to sleep. It is very easy to break down and store in your vehicle and I love the rubber fabric where the child’s feet rest. The storage under the stroller is very spacious. Overall this stroller looks great and works great. My only complaint is that there isn’t a cup holder on the stroller.

I absolutely love this stroller (By mnason williams)

I absolutely love this stroller! It is exactly how its described on the Mountain Buggy website, its light, easy to transform in to lay flat, turn around, maneuver. I chose the turquoise color, it looks beautiful!

Quality Stroller (By James Barton)

It took 5 minutes to set up the stroller after opening the box. The stroller is very easy to fold making it easy to get into the car. My 2 year old daughter loves the stroller for its comfort and I love the stroller for its versatile options. She can lay down IF she takes a nap and can sit up to see the sights. I do wish the stroller came with a holder for her cup.

hard to push in the snow. Can’t put canopy on a almost 2 year old (By bryna)

I have this carriage for two years. I am very unhappy. It is very hard to push on the snow. I thought cause it is mountain buggy it will have an easy ride. Wrong… My son is 21 month old I can not put the canopy down it touches his head… He is very uncomfortable in it. I loved the bassinet when he was younger… But just not worth it

Looks good and move very well (By Mercedes)

Looks good and move very well. It is a bit on the big side . I give 4 stars because of the workmanship . It could be better . Locks and hitch come lose a bit after one month . Feel not strong enough to go thought time .
It is a gift for my grandson I use it a few times and I brought another stroller for myself so we do not have to