Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby Review

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby

  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters
  • Ultra compact size at just 22″ wide and weighing 13 pounds
  • Travel bag and shoulder carrying strap included
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage
  • Nano can be used until approximately 4 years of age or max weight of 44 pounds

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby Reviews

Searched for Weeks..Finally found the One!!!! (By N’Joy!!!)

Its just been 6 months since i started using this stroller, and its basket is already starting to tear apart. Please not that though i do use this buggy everyday, but basket was the least used part of the stroller for me. I usually use mommy hooks to hang diaper bags and grocery. Deducting 1 star for the quality.

February 11, 2015

I searched for weeks when i wanted to buy a new stroller. We already have Graco travel system, but when there were times that i had to handle stroller alone without my hubby’s help, like dropping Baby to daycare, grocery, shopping etc…It was impossible for me to lift 26 pounds stroller and put that in Trunk everytime. I searched a lot. My main requirements were :

1) Lightweight

2) Small to fold since most strollers take all of Trunk space(Thats where Most of Umbrella strollers lacked for me, as even when folded straight the lengthwise size was big in Trunk. And carrying it over shoulder such a lengthy stroller is awkward). In fact it folds so compact that we went to a restaurant where baby strollers were not allowed(weird!!!), anyways, we said no problem. we folded the stroller and tucked it under table. Everyone was looking at how we were able to tuck that big stroller under the two-person table and still sit comfortably.!! Cool right!!

3) In Price-range: My budget was around $150, but when i saw its feature, i was ready to shell more bucks out of my pocket, specially when similar stroller in other named-company is almost costs $400. Compared to that, its specially reasonable. Though added weather covers would have been nice touch.

I found this stroller by Luck while googling.
Mostly you see G-Luxe and McLaren strollers when mentioned about lightweight. This stroller was not in many blogs, which is surprising cos i found it better than those. This is my everyday stroller now. I don’t even think twice while getting this one out.

Along with above reasons i mentioned why i chose this, following were bonus for me that i didn’t expect:

1) Good basket size. Since its open from front for basket access, you can put a lot if you keep the leg-seat upright.

2) Can attach to any car-seat. Now this is something hardly any umbrella stroller can even provide you with. I was so impressed with this feature, that i regret buying my heavy-travel system. I could have bought a good lightweight infant-seat, and this stroller instead.

3) Smooth Maneuverability, just like any full size stroller.

Its one hand fold is not a deal-breaker for me, but it would have been nice since on many occasions, its only me carrying our babe with no extra hand to hold him. But as i said, not a deal breaker for me for the features it has.

Since i have been using it almost daily, there are somethings i found missing too. But since i loved this stroller so much and wanted to keep it, i found work-around for each of them:

1) The back cover is fully net. Now its good in summers, but not in winters or windy weather. My workaround, just cut a black cloth from your old T-shirt or in my case, i had a suit-cover in black that was just lying there. I cut it in same size and attached it with net to cover it. Problem solved.

2) Canopy is not enough to cover my son from sun, or allow him to nap in less-light. For that i bought a Canopy extender. Now its up to you how high you wana go with Canopy extender. I found a very good and stylish extender, that literally extends all the way down, so that he is completely sheltered from light when he is napping. The extender has net in front-middle too, in case you wana cover him like from drizzle or something, but want him to peek outside still.Here is the link to the extender!/SimpleShade-Stroll-v2-Sport-Edition-Black/p/28262148/category=4190122 . Again, its upto you how high you wana go with extenders. On AMazon you can get cheaper ones too. But i loved this one, it was totally worth it. Not only it has nice shape and design, its waterproof and extends all the way down. My Son, who is a terrible napper, would sleep for 1-2 hrs when i extend the extender all way down so that there is no light to distract him. Money worth spent.

3) It doesn’t have cup/snack holder. For that i got a super light stroller organizer that working very well with this stroller. You can find my review for that stroller organizer at:

4) Its missing peek-a-boo window. For this, i’m not able to find any workaround. There is the net in back that i can open and check on him, but the velcro is so loud that it wakes up my baby everytime.

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Fabulous travel stroller (By mkks)

I needed (wanted) a new stroller for my upcoming solo plane-train-automobile vacation with my 3 year old. I’ve been through more strollers than I can count in three years and have a Cybex Onyx for now (which is awesome, but heavy.) I was resigned to buying another Uppababy G-Lite since it’s, you know, light, but I wasn’t fond of the wheels or the sling-style seat. On a whim, I decided I should search “stroller” on Amazon to make sure I wasn’t missing anything… AND I WAS. If you travel often with kids, you want this stroller.

:: FOLD/BAG If you’ve watched the video, you know how small it folds. It really does fold that small- they’re not exaggerating- and it folds easily without any foot action or hard work. The travel bag takes a bit of wiggling to get on but nothing really difficult. It has a carrying strap attached to the stroller, not the bag, so if you don’t want to use the bag, no big deal. I can lift it with one hand or one arm easily. Despite being lightweight and small, it doesn’t feel like an unstable, rickety stroller (I hated the Peg P3 and Peg Si for this reason) or like it’ll fall apart if it’s handled by the airline (why I got rid of my original G-Lite in the first place.)

:: SEAT The seat itself offers a ton of growing room. My DD measures 21″ from butt to top of head and has an amazing amount of growing room for a compact stroller. Probably close to what she has in the Onyx when the canopy is slid most of the way up. There is a strap recline which we probably won’t use much, but it works like all the others. There’s also the mesh backing between the top of the seat and the canopy to help with air circulation (and so the kid doesn’t fall out the back when the seat is reclined, I imagine.

Still loving it after a year (By Edie)

Update 5/4/15
Ok, so I’ve had this stroller for a good year now. I still love it as much as I did before. Keeping the 5 star rating. I felt compelled to update my review because I just used it again this weekend after not using it much this past winter. My now 3 year old still loves to ride around in it and will actually request it when she knows we’re going to walk around a lot. This thing is so convenient. We are actually going on vacation again this week and I plan on taking it mainly for the airport because our flights are during ridiculous hours and I’m sure my daughter will be exhausted. I’ve always been able to take it as a carry-on on the airplane free of charge. Flying Spirit Airline this time and they seem to charge for everything, including carry-ons. I’ll try to pass this as my one personal item that is allowed. :-)

Update 4/25/14:

Called mountain buggy directly. It turns out, I’m not the only one with this problem. The problem is with the spring in the front wheels. When you call, explain what the problem is and they will send you a replacement kit to fix the spring system. They told me it would only take a week or so to receive. They already started manufacturing new strollers with the new spring system, so anyone making a brand new purchase will not come accross this issue. I heard those will be shipping out soon. In the meantime, I am more than happy with their resolution and their prompt and courteous customer service. So if you are having this problem, I urge you to call mountain buggy directly and don’t go through amazon. Now they get 5 stars for customer service. I’ll be writing another update when I receive the replacement kit.

Update 4/2/14:
Just got back from Cancun. More in love than before with this stroller.
What a breeze this is to travel with. And YES, it meets carry on requirements. I was able to take it into the airplane as a carry on. As an extra precaution, I removed the back wheels after I folded it and put them in the bag with the stroller. Extra step, but super simple to do. Everyone was amazed at how compact and easy to fold this thing was. I lived all the stares and attention we got. :-). So yes, I hugely recommend this as the best travel stroller out there. Just one minor issue I’m having. The front wheels keep locking on me and it gets very very very annoying to have to stop every 10 feet to bend down and unlocking. This is not normal and should not be happening. I don’t know if it he sand from the beach got in it or what but I noticed it started happening after the first time I locked the wheels myself to go over rough terrain. I plan on contacting the company to ask questions and for repairs or replacement. I still give this stroller five starts because aside from the issue I’m experiencing, this product is amazing.

Previous review:
So I just took it out for a spin yesterday and I love it. It takes up way less room in my trunk and it is so much lighter than my First Years Wave Stroller. I ordered the nano so that I could take on vacation when we travel to Cancun and Disney this year. I took the Wave to Belgium and it was a bit of a hassle having to take the wheels off, taking the seat off and fitting it into a huge carry bag. They threw it in the bag and it came back super hot and damaged. The nano supposedly meets airline policies for carry-on luggage so I hope that’s true because I really don’t want this one to get damaged. I only had one little hiccup while closing it. I wasn’t used to it and forgot that I have to use the strap to tie down the hood so that it won’t pop open when continuing the fold. No biggie, it’s just a matter of getting used to the folding. The ruby color is beautiful. The materials look and feel like they are of good quality. When I first opened it out of the box, my almost 2 year old immediately sat in it and loved it. She watched an entire movie sitting in it and having a snack. The adjustable leg rest is awesome and since her legs are still too short to touch the footrest, it made it really comfortable for her. The recline goes back really far and she looked very comfy in it so it looks good for napping. There is an ample vent so the air can circulate. Now the basket. It looks small but it fits my rather large JP Lizzy tote bag. Granted the bag wasn’t full to capacity, but it had a lot of stuff in it. It is also very easy to access through the front, which I prefer. You can also reach in to grab stuff through the back, but it’s not as easy, which is fine with me because I think that if someone were to try and steal something it would be easiest for them through the back when the parent isn’t looking. So this is a plus for me. This doesn’t come with a bumper guard or cup holders for baby or parent which is a bummer, but it’s easy to tuck a sippy cup in the basket below through the back. The seat is also very roomy and deep, so my baby was able to sit her snack cup beside her. When the hood was velcroed and pulled all the way up, I used that space in between as storage for her jacket and snack cup. The handle bar is not adjustable. I’m 5’4" and it was very comfortable for me, but it also seems like they built it high enough to be comfortable for taller parents. The only thing that annoys me is that if the hood is up, the parent’s hands are covered by it. Covering my hands makes me hot, so that’s just my personal problem. One of the back wheels makes a little ticking sound, but the stroller seems very stable so maybe it just needs to settle in. What I love most is the fact that this stroller is so easy to maneuver with one hand. I was able to open and close store doors with no problem and/or help. The stroller is also narrow enough that it fits through small isles. Oh, the carry bag it comes with is very handy and easy to put on. You can even pull up the shoulder strap to carry it that way. Ok, I think I should stop now. LOL Hope this helps someone in making a decision since I myself was not able to find ANY reviews on it since this stroller was just released. I was surprised to even find it on Amazon. The only video I based my decision on was on the mountain buggy website.