Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet and Seat Unit – Pearl Review

Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet and Seat Unit - Pearl

  • Folding chassis; comfortable suspension; 12,5in air pumped wheels (wheels do not swivel); heights adjustable handle; large basket
  • Includes Rain Cover, Mosquito net, Knee blanket and Changing bag
  • Bassinet offers plenty space and comfort; Multi-terrain Pram for smooth ride to use all year around
  • Seat with adjustable backrest and footrest; five point safety harness; hood with ventilation option
  • Birth to 3 years classic pram with bassinet and seat unit installed in facing or rearing direction

Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet and Seat Unit – Pearl Reviews

Nice, roomy, sturdy, a few negatives but overall satisfying (By RQ)

First the price came down by $70, so new buyers should be happy about that, me, not so much, but that’s the market’s way, so be it.
Now for the review of the stroller itself.
Let me tell you, this thing is a tank. No, it’s not heavy as a tank, but solid like one. It was easy to set it up, the “instructions” that came with it were a little vague, but not at all needed for putting it together, although the pictures are a nice reference to go by.
The bassinet is VERY comfortable and VERY roomy, I see my son spending a lot of time in it for a long time to come before he “graduates” to the chair. The air filled tires and the suspension are great on uneven surfaces, the baby really loves riding, and not once has he awaken because of a bumpy ride, and we’ve had a few of those.
The rain shield is probably the best I’ve seen, it’s so simple to put on and it has a nice “window” so the air doesn’t get stale for the baby, yet it protects the ENTIRE bassinet against rain! I’ve seen other strollers with complicated covers that have multiple points of attachement, this one just goes on and off in seconds, wrapping the whole thing. I haven’t tried the bug thing yet, but with summer approaching, I’m sure I’ll get the chance.

Now to the not so great things… this stroller does not have turning wheels. Given the massive size of it the diminished maneuverability does impact its usage, but not too much, since it’s relatively light we either push down or lift up the stroller when a really tight turn is needed, otherwise driving it is easy, although you definitely need both hands to steer it.
Size does matter. As I said before, the bassinet is VERY roomy, which also means that the overall size of the stroller is, well; big.
It’s comfortable to put the diaper bag and other things in the spacious basket below, but let’s be blunt here. Without exaggeration, unless you own at least a compact SUV (say Nissan Murano size) you will not be able to fit this in your car, period. I have a Lexus RX300 and when I fold the carriage down and put it along with the bassinet in the back, there’s not much space left.
The last gripe I have is with the wheels and the suspension, they are great, but for reasons unknown they are \”creaking\” lately. Think busted car shocks or really old, creaky door type of sound. I assume a little oil will get rid of the problem, and I kind of expected that at some point, but not in less than 3 months of moderate city usage. No extreme weather, no riding in extreme terrains, yet the thing creaks to the point that it gets annoying.

That concludes this review, overall we both are happy, and the baby is happy with this stroller, but the points I’ve made on the negative side are things to consider by others before buying, especially the size and maneuverability. This is NOT for those trying to take this and stroll in a busy street or in tight quarters, and forget about using it in public transportation or even if you own a small car.

Great Bassinet! (By Katerina)

Great Pram Rocco!!!!!!

I bought this pram from Europe; unfortunately it was not available on Amazon back then and cost me tons of money. This pram is so great I’ve decided to give my opinion on it.

First of all let me notice that I can’t imagine how to raise kids without pram. I have three kids and it was the most useful and practical purchase for baby I made (even I paid a fortune for it back then). I used it everyday all year around. When you have kids specially newborns and toddlers, you don’t get much excise plus I was getting really tired staying at home. So, I compensated it by long walks around neighborhood with our first baby and then taking toddlers to playground or for a walk while baby was sleeping in pram or I would just sent helper out with kids and enjoy some quite time at home.

Let me tell you one thing that out weights everything else: babies sleep much better outside then inside, at home. I guess the fresh air and a lot of oxygen make the trick…so, whenever it was possible I took them outside. I was not happy using a car seat or other strollers for that as I worried about their back and spine. The pram from other side keeps their back in correct position as it has flat and firm bottom. I think none of the strollers that you convert from one position to another provides such a nice flat surface for baby, specially for newborns, to sleep soundly for few hours.. When our first daughter got bigger we used this pram with seat unit and visited a lot of places like zoo, botanic garden and parks. The amortization is great and it gives very smooth ride, while kids in other strollers were trembling all the way.

Very Satisfied (By NYC)

We bought Roan Rocco in 2012. Always had wanted a pram for our baby so she could stretch and be really comfortable. My husband and I spent many hours “test driving” different carriages sold by baby stores. Unfortunately, here in the US, as strange as it sounds, the choices are very limited. The stores either sell carseat-type carriages or trendy European carriages that are also built for the convenience of the parents and do not seem to have enough room for the baby.
Roan Rocco pram had everything we’d been looking for, and a very reasonable price. I was somewhat skeptical about buying online though. To my pleasant surprise, the pram arrived the same week we ordered it. It looked AWESOME, much better than it did in the picture. The bassinets (both of’em) were HUGE and the built quality was top notch. We now have the 2nd bassinet on and it’s just as roomy as the first one. Really really HAPPY with our stroller. We’ve had it for over a year now and it gets complemented almost every day. It’s extremely comfortable for the baby, safe, great looking and unique. What’s not to like?!!
A special note about the Dasalika. Two weeks ago I needed an extra part for the stroller. I located my amazon order from 2012 and sent a message to the seller. Oleg called me in three hours after I hit the “send” button!!!! A week after, the extra part arrived. Superb Product + Superb Service = Very Happy Customers!!!!

Fantastic Pram/Stroller Rocco!!! (By OlMi26)

I am using this Rocco Pram and really love it!!!

Great quality! A lot of features!

Besides all features you can find in the description I think, the most important element is ability to GENTLY ROCK the pram from side to side or back and forth. It is a must to have feature to calm your baby and have him fall asleep quicker. Works great for my baby!

Highly recommended!!!