Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black Review

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black

  • Durable, stylish aluminum frame (12 pounds) with large seat area
  • 4 position recline with 5 point safety harness
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor
  • Extra-large storage basket and rear storage pocket
  • New and improved easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black Reviews

Good with minimal faults (By Bonnie Lee)

Received this stroller as a gift 3 months ago. I like it for the most part, it is a decent mid-price range umbrella stroller. I had wanted the uppababy gluxe after hearing moms rave about it. But the gluxe is stupid expensive, and this stroller I think is pretty good for a fraction of the cost.

-It is light enough for me to carry this and my 7 month old up to my 3rd floor apartment.
-It is easy enough to fold and open while holding my son (although this could use some improvement. For example, I have to have the stroller against a wall to be able to push down hard enough to open the stroller, and the lever to close is not the easiest to push down).
-I love that it reclines
-The canopy is a good size for an umbrella stroller.
-good storage space.
-I also like that the padding for the belt is attached, but would have liked the shoulder pads to not be as easy to remove. One of the shoulder pads must’ve fallen off while I was putting the stroller in my car, and now it’s missing.

-shoulder pad as mentioned above
-broken already? One of the front wheel plastic lock lever broke off. I’m not sure how as I’m not rough with it. Now one wheel is stuck in the lock position so it won’t maneuver as well on sidewalks.
-doesn’t stand when folded

I can live with most of the cons. But I’m upset about the broken front wheel lock. I’ve contacted summer infant for replacement parts, so will update this review once I hear back from them!

Summer infant responded the next day, and asked for information about my purchase and use. They are sending me a replacement wheel and shoulder pad! I emailed them about it Tuesday, and I should receive The following Monday. They were very quick to respond, and although it was just via email, correspondence was pleasant.


First off I must say FAST SHIPPING! We are military and we have an APO address in Korea, we received the stroller in less than a week. As for the stroller it is very sturdy, our very big 18 month old (35 lbs and 2.5-3ft tall) loves it. He has a lot of growing room into the stroller. It reclines back far enough to where he can nap on the go and the normal up position is at a nice comfortable angle for him. I’m 5’6/66 inches and I don’t hit the back of the wheels while walking. The handles are at a comfortable angle for my pregnant wife that is 5’3. This stroller is “lite” weight lol. The wheels are sturdy and seem rugged enough for the cobble stone roads here. Great stroller. Fits our family well!

I pushed it to the limit and I love it!! (By Enzo’s Mom)

I waited until I used this stroller on my trip to Europe before I reviewed it. I have to say, this stroller was awesome and I can’t recommend it enough. Of course, there is no perfect stroller. After 3 kids, I have owned more than 7 strollers (that I can remember) from the top of the line to the $20 umbrella and they all have their pros and cons. If I had it to do all over again, I would buy this stroller for all 3 for airplane travel and walks around town. I didn’t get an opportunity to use off-road much, but from my experience, you need bigger wheels for that type of strolling. Anyway, this stroller maneuvered through the bombed out, potholed sidewalks of Bosnia with ease. My in-laws live there, so we go often and I have taken no less than 4 different strollers there, and it can be the most annoying place in the world to stroll because there is no such thing as handicap ramps or ramps of any kind, usually. Also, the sidewalks have not been repaired since the war, so there are potholes everywhere and wheels get stuck. Once I hit a hole and my kid wasn’t strapped in, and he went flying out, face first onto his stomach. It was a funniest home video moment but I couldn’t laugh because he was crying. This stroller didn’t get stuck but once or twice. It’s light enough to pop wheelies when you need to, even when you have bags and bags in the basket and hanging on the handles. This trip we also went to Vienna, and it did great on their old school paver streets and in the U-bahn, up and down escalators. We also spent a day at a palace garden with LOTS of gravel. This was easy also; didn’t get stuck once. No problems at all. After about 5 weeks away, the wheels are still hanging in there with no wobbling what-so-ever.

The winning feature for us on this ‘lite’ stroller is … (By E. Flores)

The winning feature for us on this ‘lite’ stroller is that the back actually reclines back. So when our kid falls asleep his head doesn’t hang down to the front. I know there are more confortable strollers out there but they are bulkier and heavier which is not real practical when traveling which is the main reason we got it for.

Great for the price (By L. Potraffke)

I wanted a stroller that reclined enough for my 3 month old but didn’t require him to be in his car seat. This stroller reclines more than enough – I don’t even use the flattest setting – and it allows the baby to face forward during the walk, so they can look at everything you pass and not get bored. It was super easy to assemble, is very lightweight, and looks great.

I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because of the following:

1. You have to remove the sun visor to fold up the stroller. This is easy but inconvenient.

2. The front wheel suspension is great, but the back wheels are rigid, so the ride can still be a bit bumpy.

3. I wish the sun visor had a peekaboo window so you could see the baby from above while walking.