Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller, Double Take Review

Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller, Double Take

  • Unique reversible seat design allows baby to face you or face the world
  • Durable, stylish lightweight aluminum frame with large seat area and 5-point safety harness
  • One hand, 6-position recline (3 rear facing, 3 forward facing) and infant head support
  • Oversized, one-hand adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Includes parent cup holder and side storage pocket

Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller, Double Take Reviews

Total Game Changer (By Chelsea)

We’ve been loving our time with the Flip 3D so much that we’ve moved out old, bulky one to grandma’s. Honestly, I have a lot to say about it. :)

I love that it has the convenience of an umbrella stroller, but is something that can be traveled with all day – especially for someone tall who usually has a problem even pushing traditional umbrella strollers! It was comfortable for both of my little guys, I enjoyed that I was able to have separate size adjustments on each side depending on which one felt like riding, making for hassle free transitions. The amount of padding on the straps was amazing and the buckle cover saved my sanity with my two year old who loves letting himself out. The high back also surprised me, it has a ton of growing room that I had not been expecting. As for assembly, it took only minutes.

One of my BIGGEST concerns before using the stroller was that it would heat us in the sun (with it being black in the Florida summer, especially when it took trips with us to Disney) and I wouldn’t have enough room for my diaper bag. However, both of these concerns were put out of mind. Despite the stroller sitting in the sun, it never heated up and became uncomfortable for either of my children. In honesty, it seemed to breathe and I was super thankful. As for my diaper bag, I began carrying a tote around that I could simply store on the side of the stroller that I wasn’t using – and it stayed in reach!

To be honest, there are two things I would change. The hole in the back to make for easy access to the undercarriage caused the rear-facing seat to scoop in a bit (can be seen in picture). As well, I pray for an option to add a small cup holder to the front.

As for the rest? I can’t begin to praise how much I love about this stroller, it was definitely a game changer for our family!

BEST STROLLER EVER! Amazing value! (By Kristen Marie Sonnier)

This stroller is amazing!
I cannot say enough good things about it!

It switches seamlessly from infant to toddler by just pulling a lever and has two separate harnesses on each seat so you aren’t threading straps to switch it in the middle of the mall.

It drives like a dream, and the handles are very high, making it much more comfortable than most umbrellas to push.

it has special pockets perfect to slip your iPhone and keys into.

It reclines fully and the canopy is a great size.

Best of all, my son is very tall (37 inches, 34 lbs) and he fits this stroller with at least 5 inches of clearance between head and canopy and between his feet and the floor (so no dragging!!).

my only complaints are that there is only one cup holder and that the basket is smaller than most strollers (not a deal breaker for me).

If summer infant ever makes this in a double I will be first in line!

I use this as an alternative to a double. I have a 2 year old and newborn. When my 2 year old is tired he rides and it wear the newborn. Then, if he gets up I can flip the seat and let the newborn ride.

I plan to buy a buggy board by lascal for it in the near future.

BUY IT. You won’t be sorry.

BUY IT!!!! (By Denise Montgomery)

Ok so I bought this stroller about a week ago and I have used it for the past 5 days straight and I wanted to give myself enough time to establish an honest opinion. A brief background about myself, I am a single parent living in the city so I needed a stroller that was really convenient and worked well for daily commuting. I did tons of research before I bought this and to make a long story short BUY IT!! I also own a very overly expensive Inglesina that I paid over $600.00 for, and I love this stroller more.

Pros- Tall handle bars (Im 57 and no hunching over), it drives like a dream and moves over all kinds of terrain without any issues, the seat is well padded and if reverses from front to back so easily, its not super heavy, compact and auto locks which some strollers dont have, the price is budget friendly, HUGE canopy which is a must have to cover up baby from dangerous rays. VERY large seat which is awesome. My son is 13 months/20lbs and I can still use the reversible seat without his feet hanging. Cons- Its kind of hard to open for the first few uses but it will loosen up after a couple of tries, its not one-hand fold which is hard if youre holding baby and trying to collapse the stroller, cup holder is flimsy and I dont bother using mine.

Overall you cant beat the price and it rivals some features you get with Maclaren. You will not be disappointed! BUY IT

Convenient, easy to manage, and comfortable for kiddos! (By Amy Hammerschlag)

We have a newborn who is a little one (7 lbs. at 3 weeks) and she loves this stroller! I love all the features (i.e., storage pocket underneath that is see-through so you can see what’s in there, flip-down cover with peek-a-boo patch on top, etc.) and it was super easy to get unfolded and get her buckled in. I did purchase a little snuggle pillow newborn thing to go in to give her more cushion and make her more cuddly. It rides really nicely and smoothly and is super easy to fold up and pop out to be ready for her. I will update as she grows, but so far, I am very happy with my purchase!

Update – 2/2016 – We also have used this with an older foster baby who is 10 months old and he’s super comfortable in it.

We’ve used this stroller more now, and it’s really easy to flip from facing you to facing out. It seems to handle things on the handles or on stroller hooks much better when it’s facing out rather than facing in. Also, that cupholder falls off all the time. I think we finally lost it because it fell off so often. My only other criticism is that it’s hard to get in there in between the handles when the little ones are facing you.

Other than that, it’s super handy and doesn’t get hot in the sun. We go to Disneyland often and it’s great to have there. The only thing is that when it’s super crowded I have switched it to facing me because there isn’t any protection for little legs and feet out in front, just in case you have a crowd.