Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller, Lime Punch Review

Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller, Lime Punch

  • Aluminum frame is lightweight yet incredibly durable
  • Oversized, 1 hand adjustable canopy with zip out extension that blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • One hand, 3-position recline
  • Padded 5 point safety harness
  • Convenient carry strap and auto lock
  • Easy access storage basket
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Parent cup holder and rear storage pocket
  • Comfort grip, heat resistant foam handles
  • Smooth glide wheels

Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller, Lime Punch Reviews

Great Stroller for Tall Parents (By erika)

I recieved this stroller as part of a product review from Summer Infant. My opinion is all my own.
First and foremost I LOVE how tall this stroller is! I am 6’3″ and to find a convience stroller that doesn’t have me standing in
a hunch position is hard to find! This stroller is so nice and light and easy to turn,even with one hand, it’s now my go to stroller! The large
shade is such a great feature on this stroller, when my little ones and I were at the splash pad it was a great little seat
for my daughter to sit under and not get beat down by the sun. It also keeps the bright sunlight out of her eyes when we go on
walks around our nieghborhood! Setting up the stroller couldn’t be easier with a foot peddle you press down on and the whole stroller sets up and
is ready to go, and same goes for folding it back up! It clicks into a folded down position and it ready to be loaded up into the trunk of the
car. The five point harness is awesome for my daughter who is quite the escape artist, it holds her in great and with the padded
shoulder straps I’m sure they wont dig into her gentle skin. The cup holder is great for my toddler son’s sippy cup or my water bottle, but
I wouldn’t recommend puting a top heavy cup in it, it will fall out like mine did. The basket under the seat holds my diaper bag and anything
we might pick up on our trips around town. The zipper pocket on the back of the stroller is nice to slide my cell phone into along with my wallet
which gives me easy access when I go to pay for purchases. My toddler even stashes snacks away in the pouch! I really love this stroller and would
recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight stroller!

Pretty good stroller but no G-Luxe (By FrancesO)

We bought this when we couldn’t bring our G-Luxe on a cross country trip. It’s fine. At first I was so pleased, the seat is more upright than the G-Luxe , it was less expensive and it had a peek-a-boo window. However, by the end of two weeks in Brooklyn, staying in a third floor walk up, I began to compose little love letters to the G-Luxe.
Here are my complaints:
-It doesn’t always lock on the first try, so when you collapse it and then pick it up, it springs back open.
-It doesn’t stand when collapsed
-It feels slightly heavier than advertised (could just be me)
-The handling isn’t great. It often got stuck on cracked sidewalks. Like stuck stuck. I had to back up and take a jogging start once.

And here is the praise:
-Good value for the price
-Peekaboo window
-Really good lucking upholstery and colors
-Nice storage basket
-Excellent canopy

1st impression. Prt 1/2 (By newmama7983)

So I just received, put together and have used my new Summer Infant 3d Zyre. My husband put together our new stroller within a matter of minutes, wheels, canopy and cup holder. We bought this stroller as a second opinion to our full size Urbini travel system. I don’t know how much I love it just yet being that we have only used it once for a walk around the block. So far it is lightweight enough, but not to the point to feel like it’s going to fall apart. The cup hold if installed correctly I love and it works. The sun shade is huge and the recline is awesome. I will say, and it has been mentioned on other reviews, the harness is a little weird in that it does come out far enough through the legs. However I don’t see it being a deal breaker. My daughter usually cries after being in her stroller or car seat for too long but, she didn’t once in her new stroller and feel asleep on the way home. *Part 2: It’s been a month since we got our Summer Infant Stroller. I love this stroller, we use it almost eveyday, going on walks around our neighborhood. Sometimes my hubby and I fight over who gets to push her. It pushes great over smooth and moderately rough terrain, great sun shade, great basket. I was able to put 2 gallons of milk and a few other small groceries in the bottom. Next to my full size Urbini this is my new favorite stroller.

Such a great stroller!!! (By Tiffany Adkins)

This is my new favorite stroller! I received the Summer Infant 3D Zyre to test and I fell in love with it! The day I received it I put it together in minutes by myself! I have taken this stroller on walks, to the mall, to the zoo, even to south by southwest music festival and really every time I have needed a stroller since the day I have received it.
The steering is great and makes it really easy to walk through crowds of people and easy to maneuver through those closely placed racks of clothes. One of my favorite features is that the back reclines… So when my son has been sleepy, while we are out I can lean him back or when he’s awake he can sit up and get to see everything! This stroller is super easy to unfold and collapse to put in the car, which is amazing to me with 2 small kids! When the stroller is folded it has a great shoulder strap that you can through on shoulder and carry it, which is super easy because it is so lightweight. Really I couldn’t recommend this stroller anymore!

I’m not in love with this stroller (By Elizabeth W.)

I’m not in love with this stroller. It’s just okay. The shade is huge, but it also makes an annoying click sound when extending/retracting. The wheels are plastic so the ride is noisy and not soft. The recline is great. The crotch buckle has a weird and seemingly unnecessary fabric cover which makes your child look like he is wearing a fanny pack. I wish this buckle cover was removable because it is bulky. Basket is big enough to hold my Skip Hop Duo if seat is not reclined. You cannot hang anything from the handles because stroller will tip. Cup holder is useless, but there is a pocket on the back of the canopy where you can fit a small water bottle or a phone. Open and close fold takes some getting used to. Does not stand on its own when folded.