Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Blaze (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Blaze (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Parent Tested Parent Approved stroller with an air-light aluminum frame (under 23 pounds) and universal car seat adapter; Stroller is compatible with major infant car seat brands including: Summer Prodigy, Graco Snugride, Chicco Keyfit and Peg Perego Primo
  • Forward and rear facing seat with 3-position recline and 5-point safety harness for use from newborn to toddler
  • Unique compact fold with seat attached fits easily into trunk of car
  • Extra large durable wheels with all wheel suspension, locking front swivel wheels, and a pedicure friendly rear brake
  • Height adjustable handlebar with an easy-grip foam handle adjusts up to 13 inches

Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Blaze (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Decent mid-size stroller is nimble, but collapses poorly. (By Scott Schiefelbein)

The Summer Fuze Stroller is a perfectly acceptable lightweight stroller. It is a four-wheel stroller with nice stability and reasonably sturdy construction. There will be an element of personal choice here – there are strollers that feel more substantial on the market, so if you are the kind of person where substantial equals safe, then this may not be the best-feeling stroller for you. If you believe that substantial equals unwieldy, then the Summer Fuze is up your alley.

My favorite aspect of the stroller is its relatively small footprint. The four wheels are close together to allow for good mobility but do not feel unstable. There are other strollers that feel like you’re driving Grandma’s town car – this isn’t one of them. You can steer this stroller with one hand, and the handlebar is comfortable.

The stroller offers limited flexibility. In its forward-facing set up, you can either have upright, tilted, or reclined settings with the seat. The stroller can reverse so your child will face you, but that’s never been something my kids have wanted so I don’t have much experience with this setting.

The basket at the bottom of the stroller is decent sized, but not the biggest I’ve seen. The weather guard is also OK without being top of the line.

One of the poorest aspects of the stroller is its collapsibility – for a mid-sized stroller, it doesn’t collapse well or into that small a configuration. Suffice it to say that if you need an umbrella stroller, you couldn’t fake it with this one.

The wheels offer a smooth ride, but there is no shock absorption to speak of.

This is not my favorite stroller by any means, but it’s definitely a quality product. The competition for strollers is fierce, however, so you may want to pick this one only after a test drive so you can verify that the assets I’ve listed here are big pluses for you, because there are negatives.

Not the quality I was hoping for (By Amy Jensen)

I really really REALLY wanted to love this stroller. It has an excellent look to it, and an impressive amount of features. Unfortunately the quality of this stroller is not up to par. I realize that this stroller is an inexpensive version of some of the new fancy strollers out there, but I only had the stroller for a few weeks and I had enough issues with it to send it back.

First of all, when you go to collapse and lock the stroller, the lock only works half the time. The other half of the time it fails and the stroller slams open as you are trying to load it in the car.

Second, the cup holder falls off every single time you open/ close the stroller. I could have totally lived with this if it was the only flaw. I bought a parent tray to hang on the stroller anyways.

Last but definitely not least, the main problem I had with the stroller was I noticed within the 5-7 times I used it my 5 month old baby was sitting more and more reclined every time he sat in it. I eye-balled the stroller and noticed two major cracks in the frame. I don’t know how long the cracks were there for but the stroller is meant to hold an older child (45 pounds or something) so it certainly should have held up to my 5 month old.

I’m sad that this stroller didn’t work out. It looks great and has the reversible facing seat feature I was looking for, but it just didn’t work out for us. I thought I had found a sweet deal with this stroller, but, like everything else in life… You get what you pay for.

Comfortable, Big, Folds Small-Recommendations for First Time Parents (By Dave Millman)

First time parents need to know a few things about what differentiates various stroller models:

* Strollers with Detachable Baby Seats: These are super convenient
for newborns and infants. Once the child gets older, you stop using
the baby seat and buy a larger car seat that stays in the car.

* Strollers with Universal Seat Adapters (like this one): These have
removable fabric seat that you can replace with a Universal Baby Seat.
You must purchase a separate baby seat.

* Strollers without Baby Seats: These are the most compact and
portable. They don’t have as many features (no drink holders, less
storage), and you must purchase a separate baby seat.

This model is the second style-it has a universal seat adapter, but also includes a fabric seat for when your child gets older. It’s large, comfortable, and has a decent amount of storage. It folds very easily to go in the trunk. This is important-you will likely fold your stroller several times every day you use it.

I’m 6’1″, and often have to bend over to push a stroller. This one has extendable handle that works great. You can easily switch between front and rear facing, which is important when dealing with weather conditions (and sometimes with nosy neighbors).

Overall, no complaints, we recommend it. The price is somewhat high, especially when compared with some of the strollers that include a baby seat. Shop around!

Was really happy with this stroller at first (By Laksmi Abraham)

Was really happy with this stroller at first, but it stopped working correctly after only a few days. I believe something is wrong with the shocks in the front wheels because it’s no longer easy to steer. I’m returning!! Way to expensive for a stroller that doesn’t steer right. Other than that…i would have loved it.