Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Mod Review

Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Mod

  • Parent Tested Parent Approved stroller with an air-light aluminum frame (under 23 pounds) and universal car seat adapter; Stroller is compatible with major infant car seat brands including: Summer Prodigy, Graco Snugride, Chicco Keyfit and Peg Perego Primo
  • Forward and rear facing seat with 3-position recline and 5-point safety harness for use from newborn to toddler
  • Unique compact fold with seat attached fits easily into trunk of car
  • Extra-large durable wheels with all wheel suspension, locking front swivel wheels, and a pedicure friendly rear brake
  • Height adjustable handlebar with an easy-grip foam handle adjusts up to 13 inches

Summer Infant Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Mod Reviews

Love my Fuze! (By Jodi K.)

I have gone through my share of strollers between my toddler and my new baby. So when I received the new Summer Infant Fuze in Mod to review I was definitely going to put it through the wringer and make sure it is a quality product. My impressions of the Fuze right out of the box, LOVE LOVE LOVE the green and grey color and design. SO modern! Now on to my Pros and Cons –


-Putting it together. I am not the “handy” type so I usually ask my husband to help a time or two if I am putting something together. This stroller could not have been easier to put together! I actually sat and read the instructions so it probably took me 20 minutes to put it together but it was all very common sense and if someone asked me to put another one together it would probably take me 5 minutes! You would think with it being so easy it would be flimsy or poor quality but that couldn’t be farther from the truth with the Fuze!

-Smooth ride! I took this stroller all over…grass, pavement, slightly rocky path, uphill and downhill. The stroller took it all in stride. My son was never uncomfortable or jostled around.

-Easy to maneuver in small/tight spaces. I took the stroller to the normal places…ie the mall and other large stores but the place it impressed me the most was a little boutique that was PACKED with items. With bulkier strollers I never would have made it around in that store but this stroller had no problem. I could move in and out of the tight spaces with ease!

-Big basket for my things. I have a LARGE diaper bag to deal with my infant and my potty training toddler and the basket underneath could hold it and way more!

-Includes the universal car seat adaptor! No need to buy it separately.

-Handlebar can be lowered or raised.
Perfect for spouses or babysitters of varying heights.

-Largest sun canopy I have ever seen! My baby was completely in shade. No sun peeking through!

-Seat lays completely flat for baby to take a nap.

-Seat can be forward facing or facing you and is super easy to switch back and forth.

-Very easy to fold and unfold and takes up very little space in the trunk.

-Sun canopy has magnetic peek a boo window to see baby.

Cons –

-No parent tray. There are 2 mesh bags attached to the back of the seat where you can put your keys and a cell phone but not much else and I would have liked another cup holder. The one it comes with is perfect for me but if I’m on a long walk I would have liked another cup holder for my husband or toddler.

-I would have liked the foot section of the seat to be move-able. While the whole seat lays flat so my sons feet don’t dangle if I lay him down, when he is reclining a little I would have liked his feet to be laying on something and not dangling. Not a huge issue, just my preference.

-The stroller closes very flat but I would prefer to close it into a standing position and not flat on the ground. Again, just a preference but definitely something I would have liked.

Over all, my Pros out weigh my Cons by leaps and bounds and I would recommend this stroller again and again!
Disclosure: I was given a free sample of this product to review. However, my opinions are definitely my own.

Quirky and probably not worth the money (By Rachel)

Overall, this stroller seems sturdily constructed, but I only bought it because I got the Summer Prodigy carseat as a gift. I wouldn’t get this on my own. It’s has a lot of quirks that we have had to get used to. I use this as our primary stroller and walk almost every day around town on sidewalked streets and have used it with the carseat and regular stroller attachments. My mom got a super cheap Graco stroller for like 50 bucks and I envy hers (it has 4 cup holders too!!).

1) Lighter weight* for being a bigger stroller with a basket
2) Basket is flexible and fits a lot
3) Sturdy and comfortable handle
4) Folds down pretty easily and I can pop it open one-handed holding a baby
5) Summer had great customer service and replaced my first missing cupholder for free
6) Gray/green is cooler than black (temperature and style-wise), which is nice for hotter places and it’s very gender neutral

Major Cons:
1) Foot brake gets stuck going down curbs (so you look like a doofus try to cross the street because it locks right when you try to move forward as a nice driver has waved you on). This happens often.
2) The cupholder has to be removed every time this is folded and has no way to stay connected. Thus it has been lost, replaced, and now the new one has broken off becuase it couldn’t hold the weight of regular use (no Super Sized drinks, I promise). HUGE pain.
3) Folds down into a pretty large size – it’s hard for me to get it in and out of a VW Jetta trunk (notoriously wide and generous trunk size) and I’ve super scraped the bumper of my car. I can’t see this fitting in many compact trunks without a lot of effort. It’s downright gigantic with the attachment on it.

The cart is great, but must be purchased with the travel system (By luciene luiza rezende)

The cart is great , but must be purchased with the travel system , for the universal adapter for bb comfort is a bulls*** . Tested with all recommended brands and the bb comfort is not firm , it does not fit. Disappointed .

Would not recommend this stroller nor would i buy this over priced … (By rebecca garcia)

Cheaply made, I already had to have a replacement sent, can not lay flat unless you remove the seat, heavy and very bulky.
Would not recommend this stroller nor would i buy this over priced junk again

Three Stars (By kushand)

if it can extend to flat ,i think it will be better