Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller, Go Green Go Review

Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller, Go Green Go

  • Sturdy steel frame with large seat area, 5-point safety harness, and multi-position recline
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheel with easy touch brakes
  • Adjustable canopy

Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller, Go Green Go Reviews

Broke within a month (By Maqueda Hinds)

I purchased this item on March 17th and on April 16th the bar to fold the stroller up came loose. I was very disappointed in this I wanted a stroller that was slightly bigger and a little sturdier than the usual umbrella stroller and thought this would work. Now I’m back to the usual umbrella stroller that I’ve had for 2 years and the headache of returning this one.

Summer Infant Go Lite vs First Years Ignite (By Erin)

I initially purchased the Summer Infant 3dLite because it had great reviews and seemed to have everything I wanted. Once I received it, I was still mostly happy but I felt that it was a little big for my needs and also had some minor issues with it staying open while in use. I then purchased the Summer Infant Go Lite as well as the First Years Ingite Stroller to compare. I feel I must point that at the differences between the Ignite and the GoLite were minimal at best. My husband and I literally would find something we liked slightly better on one and then immediately notice something on the other that was slightly better. One main difference between them is the fact that the Ignite comes with a padded detachable storage compartment on the handlebars. It has one cup holder and a zippered case, a nice perk. They are almost exactly the same size: The handlebar height (from floor to the highest point) on the Ignite is 39 , on the GoLite it is 39. They both have front wheels that will lock. Neither have rubber grips on the handles, both are hard plastic. I found the Ignites to be very slightly more comfortable. They both have a height adjustable 5 point harness. Neither have clips that allow it to be a 3 point. Its either 5 point or none. The Go Lite has a padded crotch strap whereas the Ignites is simply a standard strap, not really sure it’s better one way on the other, unless maybe your little one is diaper only, or in a dress. The canopy on the Ignite is several inches bigger than the Go Lite, however I dont believe that it is enough to make a huge difference. The Go Lite has a back attachment to its canopy. I think it creates a solid look to it, but Ive also used it in the past to hold a toy or a drink.
I believe that it will also prevent any light from coming in from above if baby is lying down/sleeping. It also has a very small mesh pocket on the back side of it for storage. Even though the Ignite does not have this attachment, the seat back on the Ignite is taller and a bit more sturdy as it has a metal X directly behind it. They both recline, not flat, but a very good amount. You put them down in a similar manner but I did like the way the Ignites works a little more. The Go Lite was more of a clip that you open to loosen/tighten, where the Ignite is like two shoestrings you pull apart to tighten and just a plastic piece between the shoestrings you pull down to loosen. Both have the good under carriage storage but I think the Ignites storage is attached a little better. Size wise they are nearly the same. Both fold fairly compact: (HxLxW in inches) GoLite – 7x43x11, Ignite 8.5x44x12. You must physically push a clasp to lock them closed. Also, the wheels on the GoLite are a touch smaller, just under 5 vs just under 6 on the Ignite. Thats good and bad to me. It folds better and takes up less space but I think the larger wheels help it roll a touch better, but again, not enough to make a huge difference to me. Overall between these two I think I would be very happy with either in the long run, and would not regret choosing one over the other, but I did end up with the Ignite. I took a star off mostly for the harness and the grips. It really would be better (to me) if I could unclip it to use as a 3 point as well. Rubber grips are just more comfortable to me. I also want a cup holder and this one doesnt have one, however I have seen that I can purchase one aftermarket.

Good for travel, not for daily use (By Elisabeth A.)

Pretty good. I purchased this stroller for travel, because it folds flat like an umbrella stroller, to take on the airplane. What I noticed – it seems likely to tip over backwards if you place anything on the handles. Also, the canopy is not very large. The seat also is not very large, it is fairly shallow so for a toddler, they have less space. Overall not too bad – I understand that these design choices are necessary to make it fold flat. I wont be using this stroller in daily, home life. But for travel and vacation it’s perfectly fine.

GREAT light weight convenience stroller! (By tiffrushoes)

I did receive this product for free for a review. My review is completely unbiased.

I can appreciate a company that names its product appropriately it truly is a GREAT light weight convenience stroller!!

*Light weight super easy to lift in and out of the car you can do it one handed
*Easy to turn and push it turns on a dime and glides smoothly
*Easy to maneuver can fit through any door, any store aisle
*Adjustable seat has a wide range of adjustments from sitting up right to laying down (does not go completely flat)
*Comfortable my children had no issues sitting in the stroller and found it very comfortable
*Classy looking definitely a stroller that you would feel good pushing around its not cheesy looking
*Simple to place and remove child from harness
*Handles are comfortable
*Height worked for both me (at 54) and my husband (at 64) this is actually very important to us!
*Folds small and easy to store
*Simple to set up from the box pretty much just snap on the wheels
*Cleans up nicely easy to wipe down

*Small basket would suggest purchasing a stroller organizer to go over the handles
*Difficult to close you need to wear shoes (not flip flops) because you have to kick up one of the bars

In conclusion, I was very impressed. This stroller would be great for travelling or every day use. It certainly lived up to it’s name!

Pretty comfy – very lightweight (By Shannon)

The stroller is very lightweight compared to other strollers I’ve used. I like that for carrying and transporting it, but it’s not so great for pushing. I feel sometimes like I’m going to push my son right out of my grasp. The hood is not very large and doesn’t really do anything in the way of blocking sunlight or rain. I would’ve liked a bigger hood. The five-point harness is great because my son is only three months old but already out of his infant carseat. The padding on the seat and straps is enough to keep him comfortable and it’s a vinyl material so it’s easy to wipe clean if we have any messes. The basket is big enough to hold my purse, but not quite big enough for his baby bag. Overall, I like this stroller in comparison to several I’ve used.

Seat rioped through within the month. (By Sara)

This stroller does feel like a somewhat upgraded version of the typical umbrella stroller, with the back support, storage, and slightly larger size. However, I have to agree that it is cheaply made. We purchased March 17th. The support bars started ripping through the seat within a month. We were still in crazy first-time-parent mode and kept forgetting to return it until it was too late. We still use it out of necessity but it rips slightly further all the time under the weight of our 12th-percentile sized son. We are really disappointed as we were excited to be able to afford a higher-quality umbrella stroller since the good ones can be terribly costly. Looks like we got what we paid for I guess.