2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Neuvo Travel System, Glacial Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Neuvo Travel System, Glacial

  • Stroller features multiple-position, reclining seat with 5-pt harness
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum frame, with convenient compact fold
  • Stroller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket, and adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Neuvo Travel System, Glacial Reviews

So far so good! (By Perfectionista)

I purchased this after months of trying to figure out which one I preferred between this one and a graco with really good reviews. I was able to personally feel of both in Baby’s R us, and I must say that this chicco is MUCH softer than the others. The little white/gray newborn insert that you take out when the baby is bigger is what is providing the extra cushion. If you lift that up, it’s just like the rest. This one apparently has awesome crash ratings though, thank God I can’t vouch for that.

Pros: Softer than the rest
Base allows for recline and upright positioning (no major recline, but still nice)
Fairly easy to operate once you figure out what all the buttons do
Cool compartment to keep user guide in the bottom of base
Nifty push button release buckles for the car’s internal hooks (no more blindly trying to hook a loop you can’t see, just push it in like a seat belt buckle and push a button to release)
Easy assembly
Stroller is fairly light weight and easily collapsable with gentle push of buttons
Stroller is more compact ( I hated dealing with a big bulky stroller)
Can’t attest for baby likability yet (she’s not born yet)

Once you take out the newborn insert, the car seat becomes just as hard as all the others.
Lots of buttons to figure out (reading the manual a few times helps)
It’s so easy to collapse the stroller, with a gentle push of a button, I’m afraid I may tear it up eventually. ALL of my other strollers I had to fight with the clasps and releases to get them to snap/release; hopefully it’ll hold up.
Will update list after baby is born, if there are more cons.

We love it! (By PrincessCastille)

We’ve been using this travel system for 5 months! It’s lightweight, agile and best of all i can steer it with one hand. the only complaint i have is that when infant seat is in the stroller unable to use basket underneath. But my hubby figured we could put the diaper bag one strap over each of the upper handles therefore giving the storage we wanted! Overall awesome and safe combo

The stroller is so easy to maneuver and is a smooth ride for baby (By M. Williams)

The stroller is so easy to maneuver and is a smooth ride for baby. It doesn’t recline flat, like I had hoped it would. The car seat snaps in and out easily if the stroller and base. Very easy to use.

or super hard to fold and unfold and they carry the … (By borseth)

Can’t think of any easier stroller to fold!!! I see people avoiding taking the baby’s stroller because it’s “a pain”, or super hard to fold and unfold and they carry the baby instead of just pushing the stroller… oh my!!! The stroller just folds so easily and because of that it does deserve 5 stars. [On a side note, the only thing about the stroller that I don’t like is the basket that is not very big and not easy access. The lock/unlock tool thing to fold and unfold is right on the top of/in front-ish of the basket. So we kinda have to put things in the basket through the side. But, if I had to choose a stroller again, I think would buy this one again. I’ll add a picture of the basket later.

As far as the carseat goes, I don’t know how other carseats work, but this is very easy to put in the base and take it off the base.

Great combo at a great price (By Gabby440)

We are very happy with it so far, we live in an apartment and drive a CRV so we needed something compact. This definitely fits the bill.

Love the carseat (By Amazon Customer)

Love the carseat. Like the stroller. The carseat fits in both a 2014 fusion and a 2007 durango with no problems. The stroller is a little tricky to open and close when you first get it. It is bulky for a umbrella type stroller. But my biggest complaint is that when it is folded up and you go to pick it up it is only lock together on one side so the other side kind of flops around a bit.

looks great. Many of my friends who have babies who … (By JHerring)

looks great. Many of my friends who have babies who are older all rave about how they wish they had bought this car seat as opposed to the brand they did. Easy to install, easy to level, easy to know its properly seated into base.

Too much money for what you get (By dominicangirl)

It is light, it is ok, but for the price I paid which was 280.00 I could have gotten something way better with more features. The tray is so small you can’t even put a suction toy there. The basket is small and is a little wiggly. Too simple for the price, I regret my purchase. Any Graco would have the same for 150.00 or less.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Aluminum, Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Includes the KeyFit infant car seat and base
  • Carrier shell is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam
  • Vehicle base features spring-loaded adjustment foot with easy-to-read bubble level guides on both sides of base and centrally located, one-pull latch tightening for easy and secure installation
  • Stroller features multi position, flat-recline seat with Memory Recline
  • Stroller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one to hand fold
  • Stroller features multi-position, flat-recline seat with Memory Recline
  • Stroller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one-hand fold

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Sedona (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

The best available! (By Becca)

I am a mother of 4, I have been through MANY strollers (including a Graco travel system–which fell apart within the first 6 months, a Combi travel system, a Maclaren, a Safety 1st compact tandem double, and a Peg Perego Pliko 3 and Primo Viaggio car seat) over the last 11 years and this is by far my favorite! My most recent stroller was the Peg Perego Pliko 3 with Primo Viaggio infant seat and I SWORE by this stroller, until I received this Chicco. I would still have my Peg, however, I was “finished” having children 4 years ago and sold all of my baby items. It’s very comparable to the Peg Perego, but half the price, if purchasing both stroller and carseat. It does everything the Peg Perego does, except offer a step on the back for older children, which I rarely used because you have to wait until the younger child is able to sit up in the stroller for the older child to stand on the back and my daughter was too big by then. The child’s and parent’s trays are great and the handle is plenty tall enough for me (5’4) and daddy (6’2).

The carseat is very easy to use, clicks right in and out of base and stroller very easily and it’s fairly light-weight (compared to the monsterous Primo Viaggio!) I love that the stroller has so many recline settings, and the memory recline is a great feature (you don’t have to adjust the seat each time you unfold it).

The stroller truly DOES fold and unfold with one hand and stands independently very easily, a must with 4 children! Even the design of the basket is impressive– As with most strollers, you cannot access the basket with the seat fully reclined without disturbing a sleeping infant, but this model is slanted slightly downward to allow you easy access to items in basket without any adjustments to seat!

We love this travel system! (By H. Erickson)

We have been so happy with our Chicco Cortina travel system! Everything about it is practically perfect. My favorite features include:
– 4 cup holders & a small item case, plus a basket underneath for more storage
– easy to remove car seat cover & pads to wash
– I can remove it from my trunk & unfold it all with one hand
– canopy rotates down to cover my baby’s face when facing the sunlight
– adjustable handle bar
– the carseat base is SO nice & easy to use
– the color schemes & fabric are very stylish, easy to clean, and durable
– carseat snaps in SO easily to both the stroller & the base, it’s very easy to use
– unlike other strollers we’ve both used & tested, none of the adjusting mechanisms have EVER jammed or given us trouble. After over a year of frequent use, it still functions like new

We just recently stopped using this system since our daughter has outgrown it, but we have another baby on the way and the stroller & travel system is still in great condition & has worn well – we’ll be using it again!

I highly recommend this product, it’s worth the extra price. We tested out ALL of the strollers we could find, and this one both rides & folds/unfolds better than them ALL. This travel system literally screams “GOOD DESIGN!” and honestly, as a parent with a million baby products, that is very rare. The Chicco Cortina is a winner in my book.

no flat position for footrest, but otherwise great (By sparrowhawk)

We got this stroller after much research. My husband is VERY tall, 6’8″, and not just any stroller would work. The handle is adjustable and he can easily and comfortably push it at his height, as can I, and I imagine anyone could since it goes pretty far down. I contacted Chicco after seeing the stroller in stores and noticing that on some of them, the footrest did not lock into place in the flat position. That is because as of 2007, they stopped making the Cortina stroller in that way. It no longer locks in a flat position. I personally wanted this feature, so I did some negotiating with the personnel and swapped their barely used floor model stroller for the new one in the box. (I kept the new padding and carseat & just changed the stroller frame) If you want this feature, know that you will probably not be getting it on this stroller any longer. Another difference is that the covered section on the parent tray is slightly smaller on the newer (post 2007) models. No big deal.

On that note, the difference between the Keyfit 22 and Keyfit 30, other than the obvious pound difference – you can use the Keyfit 22 car seat with a baby up to 22 lbs. and the Keyfit30 up to 30 lbs.– is the fact that the Keyfit 30 has the lap belt system on the outside of the carseat, clearly visible, and the Keyfit 22 has it under the padding. If you ever need to use the car seat without the base, you can use a seatbelt with this system, just know that if you have a Keyfit 22 (not the one sold in this listing) you will have to remove the padding on the bottom sides of the car seat until it is visible and accessible. Read the manual for how to use this correctly.

*The stroller is great and rides very smoothly. The fabric is of nice quality.

Love the seat, hate the stroller (By Amy)

This seat has lasted until 7 months, and would go a little longer. My son is about 20 pounds, but is growing out of the height range. I have been very happy with this car seat! The pads wash very well, even after spit-ups and diaper blow-outs. You would never know to look at the pads. It clicks into the base easily and is very simple to install. A t the hospital they preferred this one because it lays newborns back a little more. remember to take the newborn insert out when your child reaches the appropriate size, and adjust the strap heights. This is VERY easy to do. This car seat is heavy and I almost never carry him in it. I don’t know how it compares to other seats, but add a 10-20 pound baby and it’s too much for me.

I hate this stroller and am trying to sell it. It is too bulky to shop with. There is no need for it with the infant seat, and I want a better stroller now that he’s out of the infant seat, so it was never useful. I used a Maclaren Easy Traveller (much recommended over the coordinating Chicco travel system strollers) to get him everywhere. I wanted the Cortina so that I could lay him flat and not have him trapped in the car seat all the time. Even for an obsessive mom like me, it just wasn’t worth it. The storage is minimal and impossible to get to if the seat is down, it turns poorly, it is wide, and it takes up my whole trunk!

I would buy this seat again, but would leave out the Cortina stroller.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System – Aster Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System - Aster

  • Build your own travel system with the 2-in-1 Liteway? Plus stroller and KeyFit infant car seat! The stroller seat features innovative forward-fold functionality to accept your KeyFit with an audible click. For use in toddler mode, the enclosed seat also features 5 recline positions for sleeping children. The Liteway? Plus has a compact 3D fold and carry handle for easy travel. Other features include rear wheel suspension, toe-tap locking brakes, adjustable leg support, removable canopy wi
  • Stay Safer Longer with the KeyFit 30, accommodating infants from 4 to 30 lbs – the #1-rated infant car seat of greater than 22 lb capacity infant seats!
  • One-pull harness tightening and loosening in the car seat allow for quick fitting, and the thickly-padded infant insert gives extra support for a smaller baby around the head, neck, back and bottom. The shell is lined with energy absorbing foam, and the vehicle base features an innovative LATCH management system, easy belt routing, a one-pull, centrally located tightening strap and a spring-loaded leveling foot to make installation easy.
  • The base also features a built-in belt locking system for vehicles without LATCH and an enclosed underside to protect vehicle seats from damage. Conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. (Usage: from 4-30 lbs, newborn insert from 4-11 lbs)
  • Lightway Plus Keyfit 30 Travel System – Aster

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System – Aster Reviews

Love it, but wrong color (By Alyssa)

I love how easy it is, but it is NOT PINK, it looks very red..so if you want “pink” don’t get this

Doesn’t look pink at all! (By Caitlynn Hope)

I just got this in for my baby shower this weekend and was so excited for it. I pulled it out of the box and it doesn’t look pink at all, just plain red! Very nice car seat and stroller just be warned it doesn’t look like the picture AT ALL. If you want pink, go with the foxy.

Five Stars (By Catlady678)

Simple- that’s what I love about this set.

One Star (By Dace)

Note that while the stock photo looks like a raspberry pink, the actual color is a bright red.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System – Surge Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System - Surge

  • 2-in-1 Lightweight stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier
  • Compatible with our KeyFit and KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seats
  • One-hand adjustable seat recline with 5 positions
  • Adjustable, removable canopy with zip-off rear panel and peek-a-boo window
  • Liteway? Plus Travel System includes the matching KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Liteway Plus KeyFit 30 Travel System – Surge Reviews

The stroller is so great! Lightweight (By jcm04h)

The stroller is so great! Lightweight, easy to open/close, and highly maneuverable! I have a terrible time closing strollers that you close using a button on the handle. I can close this one in a cinch with my feet (which is great if my hands are full!). I love that I can navigate through narrow aisles unlike most city/jogging style strollers.

The handle position is very, very comfortable. It is hard to push one handed…but not impossible so I didn’t downgrade

A great system for the price. The fabric isn’t as nice as others, but it’s what I expected and works just fine!

Love, love, love this stroller!

great quality (By Elizabeth)

Love it! Was worried about the color green because we don’t know what we’re having so it needed to work for both sexes.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System

  • Multi-position memory recline seat remembers the last position before folded
  • Convenient one-hand fold
  • Designed for the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, the Cortina SE Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby.
  • Multi-position leg rest and flat recline
  • Adjustable canopy

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Se 30 Travel System Reviews

Great car seat, stroller needs improvements (By Alla)

Overall an ok travel system. The car seat has one of the highest safety ratings, that’s primarily why we chose the system. The stroller is quite poorly designed.

The car seat pros:
1) is sturdy and comfortable
2) The infant insert is great, don’t buy any additional infant positioners/inserts, they are not needed.
3) Car seat base is easy to install, and has adjustable hight to make sure that the seat is at a proper angle.
4) The strap length on the seat is very easy to adjust.
5) canopy is removable and has a flip-out shade protection
Car seat cons:
1) really the only thing I could complain is the canopy is a bit flimsy and on the small side

The stroller pros:
1) is very easy to maneuver even with one hand
2) has somewhat adjustable footrest
3) full recline
4) breaks and ability to lock front wheels
5) rotating shade — can maneuver it to cover baby’s face from the sun

The storller cons:
1) folds very very large. I can hardly fit it in my Toyota Corolla trunk.
2) when it folds, the contents of the basket fall out. Can’t keep a spare blanket or anything else in there that you’d want to stay in the stroller
3) the child’s tray isn’t flat, so if you want to put a juicebox or anything that would require a flat surface, you are out of luck
4) the canopy is much too small and it’s pointing upward providing very little protection
5) the footrest is only partially adjustable — it can be only in vertical position — either fully down or fully up. Cannot be positioned horizontally. My baby was too long for the fully vertical up position at 4 months. Now at 6 months, we still very much need the adjustable footrest, but it’s not available.

All in all I should have bought the car seat with the car seat caddy and then bought a better stroller.

… B) we tried it in the store and I LOVED the fact that I could pick up the stroller … (By Janis Butcher)

WE bought this 5 yrs ago with our first born because a) we were doing consumer reports and it was the top of the line B) we tried it in the store and I LOVED the fact that I could pick up the stroller with one hand with the car seat in it. The stroller is light weight enough that I am able to steer it with one hand with either my almost 2 yr old at 22 LBS or my almost 5 yr old at 34 LBS. The basket under neither is a GREAT size. We used to use the stroller to walk to the grocery store and would use the basket to carry the groceries home. The cup/snack holder is easy enough to use that my 4 yr old is able to pop it up so that he can climb in and out by himself. I like that there are two cup holders upfront to hold a sip and a snack cup when we are out on walks. Love that the carseat snaps in with a click when they are an infant and the two canopies work together to keep the sun off of babies face. While the stroller seat does fold all the way down neither of my kids lie that feature to take naps. However if you are using this feature with the carseat and trying to use the basket under neither you need to take the car seat out, raise the seat up put things under and re-do the stroller seat and pop the car seat back in. Also when the seat is folded down….it makes a GREAT changing table if you find yourself somewhere that you need a quick change and can’t find a changing station! After 5 yrs the wheels have lost their tread but it is still usable even if you have to upgrade the carseat because of the plastic degrading you can keep the stroller for years to come. My only huge complaint about this stroller is that while you are able to take the cover off and throw it in the wash I find it’s a pain in the butt to put the straps back through the slots in the back of the stroller.
While I was diligent fighting to get those straps through the plastic with my son I haven’t been that way with my daughter and so we don’t bother using the straps because it’s just too much of a pain to get the straps through the plastic. It is also nice that the snack container part is dishwasher safe. This stroller is lightweight enough that my son is able to help push it when we are out on walks (one of our ways to make him feel like a big brother was to find ways that he could help) when we started to take walks with the stroller and sister he wanted to ride in the stroller and so we were able to ask him to help push the stroller instead since he was a big boy. This is honestly a great stroller!

Chicco travel system (By Ridesurfsun)

Overall great purchase! Pros: easy to install, base comes with it, car seat is lightweight.
Cons:The color is off , in the picture it boasts a beautiful teal color but when you get it the color is more of a Forrest green.
The stroller is a bit heavy and bulky, but the car seat makes up for it.
The canopy is difficult to use, almost seems flimsy.

Great travel system, good value. (By Neil)

Love this system. We read about it in Consumer Reports and it was rated very highly there. The stroller folds up nicely and is pretty easy to get it into the trunk. My wife and I have no trouble with hauling it around. It’s very stable. The travel system is also very handy early on if you’re going to be driving anywhere. The convenience of the travel base can’t be denied. The cost of an extra one is pretty steep, though. It click and locks into the stroller just fine and there’s plenty of space to put your things. The instructions to put everything together took some trial and error but it was overall pretty easy. Highly recommended.

The car seat is sturdy and safe (By Agy)

It’s an all-in-one travel system – infant carrier/car seat, car seat base and stroller with tray and cup holders. Many strollers do not come with all of these elements and you have to purchase them separately, even a cup holder.
The car seat is sturdy and safe; average weight, and it easily clicks into the car seat base or the stroller. The stroller is not bad either. It has a few reclining positions, from almost flat to sitting upright. The only negative comments I have about the stroller is that it isn’t too easy to maneuver – compared to the newer joggers and three-wheelers, this one takes a little bit more muscle to steer and turn, especially when the child gets older and heavier. The stroller is also pretty heavy, so once you fold it, it also takes a bit effort to lift it and load it into the trunk of the car for example. Lastly, the storage underneath is not very easily accessible – when the seat is reclined all the way, you can hardly slide under to get anything from the tray below. I was never able to fit my diaper bag underneath, and we all know that diaper bags tend to be large and fully packed.
However, all things considered (including the fairly reasonable price) this is still a pretty good travel system.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina CX Travel System, Iron Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina CX Travel System, Iron

  • Key Fit car seat clicks easily and securely into Cortina CX stroller
  • Fully-reclining seat with 8 positions and Memory Recline
  • One-hand fold and parent tray with cup holder and storage and compartment
  • 3-position height-adjustable handle for mom or dad
  • Large storage basket for toys, snacks and other baby essentials
  • Includes the Cortina CX Stroller, KeyFit 30 Car Seat, and KeyFit Base.
  • Car Seat conforms to FMVSS 213
  • Cortina recommended from birth to 36 months, KeyFit30 from 4 to 30 lbs, and KeyFit 30 Infant Insert frpm 4 to 11 lbs

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina CX Travel System, Iron Reviews

simple to get in and out of the car and possible have an easy to handle travel system (By Bree&&Cody)

Let’s talk about something for a second moms and dads. When looking for a car seat. You want something that isn’t gonna kill your arm, is gonna be simple to install, simple to get in and out of the car and possible have an easy to handle travel system. Not only does Chicco have all these things, their safety rateings are most defiantly on the better side of things. I’m 4 foot 10 inches, this travel system is so easy, that it is a simple break down of the stroller and a two click system to install the seat onto the stroller. It’s also 3 strollers in one. Where could you honestly go wrong? We take it everywhere, parks, stores and family events. It’s just so easy to pack and unpack, why not?

Wonderful Travel System (By Judah Levi)

This is an excellent travel system for any child. It is really nice to have all the pieces necessary to use as a stroller and car seat. We didn’t have a car seat for our grandchild and this combination was perfect.

The quality of the material is excellent. This will be something you can hand down to others in your family once you no longer need it.

Overall, a high quality and workable system that will make your life easier.

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System, Minerale Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System, Minerale

  • Multi-position Memory Recline seat remembers the last position before folded!
  • Convenient one-hand standing fold
  • Multi-position leg rest and flat recline
  • Ergonomic height-adjustable handle grips
  • Storage basket
  • Multi-Position memory recline seat remembers the last position before folded

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System, Minerale Reviews

Five Stars (By Karina Carvalho)


2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco – Activ3 Travel System with Car Seat – SnapDragon Review

2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco - Activ3 Travel System with Car Seat - SnapDragon

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco – Activ3 Travel System with Car Seat – SnapDragon Reviews

    LOVE! The car seat is so sturdy and comfy … (By Jade N Loper)

    LOVE! The car seat is so sturdy and comfy for our little guy. Very easy to install in the car and feels very safe. He grew out of the newborn insert rather quickly so I just bought a new head rest insert to keep his head from moving around. The stroller is a beast (in a good way)! It can drive over anything in a fairly smooth manner. Shocks work great. My favorite features: 1- You control the front wheel (swivel or locked) AND the breaks from the parent handle. No more trying to flip the locks with your feet. 2- The parent handle is adjustable. I think ALL strollers should have this! 3- The CANOPY! It is big already, but then you can unzip it and it is HUGE! It goes all the way down to the bar. Your child can sleep and have absolutely no sun or wind on them (my favorite feature). 4- The fabric can be removed and washed. Huge bonus. 5- You never have to worry about airing up tires. I don’t know why any busy mom would want to deal with that. These are the main reasons I purchased this stroller system. I researched a TON of strollers and I felt this one beat them all. The fabric colors are really nice too. Very neutral :)

    Perfect for tiny babies (By Endija Ziverte)

    I have a preemie baby and this was my best buy for her! As one of her tests in order to be discharged, she had to sit in a car seat for 90 minutes. She was 4lb 10oz going home in it. The inserts were like made for her. I’m very happy to have spent the extra money.

    Five Stars (By trista7886)

    Easy to use, very maneuverable..great suspension for bumpy terrain

    Bulky but safe (By rviswana)

    The car seat is very restrictive for an infant. Safe and great looking. The stroller is very bulky and the front wheel is dangling after folding which makes it hard to put in the trunk. If you own a sedan this stroller is hard to fit. Buy a minivan before you get this stroller. The suspensions are just a farce they don’t do anything in either setting. The holding handle is too loose as it keeps opening when trying to fit the folded stroller in the trunk. Otherwise it is a smooth and safe stroller

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak Review

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak

    • Convenient one-hand quick fold
    • Ultra-light weight aluminum frame
    • 3 wheel design allows for nimble steering and a sporty stance

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System, Teak Reviews

    Excellent car seat with an ok stroller (By Karen in Mommyland)

    I really like this travel system. It’s got a lot of nice features that are good for the mom on the go, but what I like best about it is it comes with my favorite infant carrier car seat.

    My old Chicco Keyfit is nearly five years old, and all of the great features I loved about that are present in this Keyfit 30 seat. The base is still incredibly easy to secure in the car. It’s pretty much a frustration free installation and the level indicators on both sides of the base make telling whether or not the base in installed at the correct angle a snap. The car seat provides excellent support for newborns. I’ve never had to worry about baby’s head slumping forward in the Keyfit seats, like I have had happen with Graco and Britax infant seats. The carrier is comfortable to carry and isn’t too heavy. (Britax, I’m talking about you!) The canopy on this seat could be better. It is a bit difficult to adjust and it doesn’t provide a ton of coverage, but it’s not too big of a deal. Putting this seat into the base or the stroller is very easy, just listen for the clicks that indicate that it’s secure and you’re good. Adjusting the harness for this seat is simple and I like how smoothly the straps can be loosened and tightened.

    The stroller that comes with this travel system is ok. Assembly of this stroller was very easy. It took me under ten minutes to assemble it. I like that it has a similar design as the Baby Jogger Citi Mini and Britax B-Agile strollers with the addition of included parent and child trays and spacious storage basket that is easily accessed from the front or back of the stroller, but I don’t like that it does not maneuver quiet as easily as those strollers, nor does it fold up as compactly as them. The canopy on this stroller is also not very generous.
    If you have the car seat snapped into it and the canopies for both the seat and the stroller are fully extended you will have full coverage for your baby, but once your child is no longer using the infant carrier, the canopy will not offer the best protection. The canopy also lacks a peek-a-boo window so you can check on your little one without having to adjust it. If this stroller had a better canopy, I’d like it more. The parent tray for this stroller is ok. You can hold two drinks in it and there is a tiny compartment that is big enough for you to store you phone and possibly a wallet or a pacifier. It’s not anything huge, but you also don’t need to spend another $25 to add on a parent console. The child tray is ok. It seems a bit low and far out so I think young toddlers will likely have a hard time reaching it, but the good news is you can take it off, so you aren’t stuck using it. And even better, you don’t have to spend $20-25 to buy a child tray if it’s something you feel you must have. My youngest two kids have lived without a child tray on their strollers and are no worse for wear, and I suspect their older siblings never really "needed" the tray either. Folding this stroller is easy, just lift a flap on the seat, press a button and pull a strap and the stroller folds up. My only issue with the folding mechanism is it doesn’t latched closed. Strollers that don’t automatically latch closed or lack a latch to keep them from opening up on you unexpectedly are a pet peeve of mine.

    If I were rating this stroller on it’s own, I’d give it just three stars because it can’t be latched shut and also because of the small canopy, but because it comes with an awesome car seat that I’d rate five stars on its own, this travel system winds up being a four star system. It’s not perfect, but it’s not awful.

    Lightweight and easy to steer (By Sarah B.)

    What I liked:
    *This stroller is quite lightweight. I found it very easy to carry with only one hand. It’s definitely much lighter than my previous travel system.

    *It stands upright even when closed. I find this to be very helpful for storage both in the back of my minivan or in my garage.

    *It is fairly compact when folded. I can easily fit this in the back of my vehicle or in a hall closet if I need to. It folds down fairly compactly for its size.

    *The ability to access the storage basket from both the front and the back is helpful. There’s a little flap on the front that can be lifted in order to access the basket.

    *It is very easy to steer, even one handed. The width enables it to easily fit through a door.

    *The canopy is quite wide which is nice, and when used in conjunction with the car seat, completely covers the infant (which is nice if you’re out in public with a newborn and want to avoid a lot of outside contact, or if your child is sleeping and you need to block out the sun).

    *It is very easy to fold-up. Just pull up on the hidden handle inside the seat joint and the stroller folds in on itself quickly and easily.

    *The color actually looks better in person than it does online. For some reason, my computer made it look more grey/green/tan when in actuality it’s more of a charcoal/light grey color.

    What I didn’t like:
    *I don’t like the way the seat reclines. Rather than an adjustable bar/latch type of system, the incline of the seat is controlled by a strap that you loosen or tighten to your desired angle.
    I found that it’s very difficult to adjust the incline while the child is in the seat (aka if they’ve woken from a nap and want to sit more upright, you have to remove the child from the stroller or else struggle to hold up the seat with one hand while adjusting the tether with the other…it’s doable, but not especially convenient). I tend to prefer a seat that is easily adjustable with one hand.

    *The snack tray seems like it’s way too far away from the child. If your child is secured with the 5-point harness, then they must be absolutely upright in order to reach it. Even then, my 22 month old struggled to reach the cup holder and snack tray. If you have an older child with longer arms, it may not be as much of an issue, but for the younger crowd, it’s literally a stretch for them to be able to access the tray.

    *Although this has the look of a jogging stroller, it is for walking only.

    *I wish the sun canopy had some sort of peek-a-boo window that enabled you to check on your child while walking. Instead, you have to either completely raise the canopy or walk around to the front of the stroller. It’s just a minor thing, but it would have been a nice feature.

    I’ve been mostly pleased with the car seat. The canopy feels a bit flimsy, but the seat itself is attractive, seems reasonably comfortable, and is fairly lightweight (as far as infant car seats go). The straps are fairly easy to adjust and the base is easy to install and remove.

    It snaps into the stroller without difficulty (You will need to make sure the seat is FULLY reclined before attempting to attach the car seat). I always make sure to test that the car seat is firmly attached/latched to the stroller before walking with it. You remove the car seat from the stroller the same way you remove it from the car base, by lifting up on a lever located in the rear. I did feel like the base is fairly wide, perhaps slightly wider than the Graco I’m replacing. It’s not excessively wide, but it is not especially compact.

    All in all, it’s a decent travel system. It’s lightweight, fairly compact, and easy to steer. It’s probably not my favorite, but it’s not a bad option. I still prefer the Contours Bliss stroller system in terms of versatility, etc, but it does have most of the features I look for in a travel system.

    Great 2 in 1 Stroller and Car Seat! (By D. Berdanis)

    When the box arrived I was a little worried about how heavy it was. Once all set up, I realized that a lot of the initial weight was due to packing and the base of the car seat is heavy.
    This stroller is perfect for our needs with our grandchildren! We not only don’t have to worry about transferring their car seat from one car to ours, we now have our own to leave in our vehicle.
    The car seat not only has a leveling foot, it has leveling bubbles, and a latch tightener. We had no problem installing the seat into our vehicle. Stopped by the fire station to have them check it out, just to make sure we did it right, and not only did they love the look and feel of the car seat, we had everything set up exactly how it was suppose to be.
    The car seat even has an insert so we can transport him/her (not born yet) as a newborn. And I love all the extra padding this seat has.
    Don’t need any adapters to move the car seat to the stroller. A big plus for me! Took me a little bit to figure out how to unsnap the seat from the base, that stays secure in the car. Yes, the directions are very clear on how to do this. I just didn’t think to look at them while I was fumbling around with it.
    Once released from the base, the seat part just clicks onto the top of the stroller. Un-click and back into the car it went.
    The stroller is so nice also! Nice 3 wheel base so we can get around smaller areas easier.
    Harness is nice and secure but, until our new little one arrives, our other grandchildren are too big to be harnessed in.
    Easy to just tap, and secure, the brakes with my foot.
    Great large basket it has is so useful when we need to bring water, snacks, diapers, and everything else we need to bring when we go to the park or zoo.
    The extra is the cup holders up close to where I am and another down where the child sits.
    Folding up the stroller is a snap. Can use one hand with it but, with having some arthritis, it’s easier for me to use both hands.
    Even with sore hands, at times, I had no problem carrying the stroller once it was folded up.
    Have only used the stroller once but I really like the look and feel of this stroller.
    Was a cloudy day so we detached the canopy.
    If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself, your, soon to be parents, children, or even as a great baby shower gift, this Stroller Travel System should be on your "to buy" list!
    There are so many great features of this stroller/car seat set, I’m sure later on I’ll think of more great things I missed telling.
    And did I say it looks great too?

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica) Review

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica)

    • Designed especially for the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
    • the Chicco Cortina Stroller works as a travel system for your infant and a full-size stroller for your growing baby.

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System (Graphica) Reviews

    Easy, versatile, great system! (By agirlwithaguitar)

    I’ve have used this stroller system for my daughter’s entire first year and love it! My little girl is just now getting a bit big for the car seat so we’re going to move up to a forward facing one, but this has served us very well. The car seat can be used in the base, or it can also be strapped into a car without the base by threading the seatbelt through notches in the sides (which is useful if you take the stroller on the ferry to visit relatives and don’t want to have to carry the base with you). The construction of the whole system is sturdy, the stroller folds flat, the extra cup holders are awesome and there’s a big storage area underneath, very handy! The handle is adjustable, so adults of various heights can use it comfortably. The stroller can be used without the car seat as well, if your LO is awake and wants to see where s/he is going, and also reclines fully so if s/he nods off while you’re out on a walk, you can make him or her nice and comfy by lowering the seat back to the recline position. We also occasionally used the stroller as bassinet while traveling, and the car seat was so comfy for her, I actually just let her use it as her regular bed until she was about 6 or 7 months old. She slept better in the car seat than the co-sleeper I bought, or anything else I tried.

    Regarding issues of having difficulty snapping it together that were raised by one reviewer, it took me abut 5 minutes to figure that out. The handle has to be out and the seat has to be reclined in order for the car seat to snap into the stroller. So, leave the baby strapped in the car seat in the car … get the stroller out, set it up with the handle up and the seat reclined. Then, lift the car seat out of the base and it snaps into the stroller very easily. No problem.
    For folding and unfolding the stroller, simply lift the lever at the back … there’s a little handle … also took me a few minutes to figure out the first time around but was easy after that. So unless the adult managing the stroller has some physical disability or is really low on the evolutionary scale intellectually speaking, once a person has done this once or twice, it’s very very easy to manage. Just follow the steps. I bought my system second-hand, so it did not come with instructions, but I imagine the new ones probably come with illustrated instructions too.

    Work Great For Us – Loved It (By CFH Review)

    For our family this system has worked great. Any system that is an all in one is going to have some adjustments you will have to make in order for the unit to go from one state to another. Our family has never had a problem using the carrier with the stroller or without it. The car base unit is super easy to install and use. Our son has just out grown the carrier and base units and we are passing them on to a friend who is having a baby soon. We will continue to use the stroller.

    I can understand the other reviewer’s frustration. You do have to know how the system works and what position(s) certain parts of the stroller need to be in install the carrier. The ability of this stroller to go from a carrier system to a full fledge stroller for a toddler is great for us.

    The units are sturdy, well built and thought out for your growing baby. Our family has felt safe using them with our baby. We highly recommend it.

    We also preffered the Graphica Color scheme.

    Wonderful Travel System! (By Emily H.)

    We would be lost with this travel system! It doesn’t even compare to anything else, and my husband and I researched many before we purchased this one! Our little guy is safe, and this keeps him comfy.
    The stroller is wonderful and easy to break down/transport, and the seat is sturdy, but not too heavy.

    Highly recommend (By Janlong)

    This stroller and infant carrier are lightweight and easy to use. Nice features, including cupholders for mom and baby. Very easy to install the base for the car seat. The carrier can be removed from the stroller with one easily located latch. Highly recommend.

    Great Product (By Vijay H. Shah)

    I love it. It’s Great Product. I will recomed this produt to every one.
    Thanks !
    Vijay Shah McDonough GA

    Love the Keyfit system (By az110490)

    This is my second Chicco Keyfit system and I love them! Easy to use, so secure, and most importantly, my baby is comfortable. I never had many problems in getting the car seat snapped into the stroller, just put the back of the stroller seat down before putting in the seat. It only took a couple of times before I learned that lesson.

    The stroller has amazing control and suspension, the adjustable handle is great since my husband is a full foot taller than I am. And I’ve never used an easier car seat, the strap adjustments are so quick to make.

    I wouldn’t have any other system for an infant, and in fact, I bought a Chicco system twice (only because we lost the first one in a home disaster).

    It’s an ok stroller (By fleurx)

    I’ve had this stroller for a year now and I can say confidently what I like and what I don’t like about this product.

    – quite compact and it fits easily in the trunk of my car (Toyota Corolla)
    – easy to fold/unfold with just one hand
    – the canopy is movable
    – the car seat latches on strongly onto the stroller
    – it glides well and it is easy to steer with one hand

    – the car seat only goes to up to 22 lbs and my daughter outgrew it at 9 monts
    – the back of the stroller does not recline high enough and my daughter is not comfortable unless I put a rolled up blanket behind her back
    – pretty pricey

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    • Includes the keyfit infant car seat and base
    • Carrier shell is lined with EPS energy absorbing foam
    • Vehicle base features spring loaded adjustment foot with easy to read bubble level guides on both sides of base and centrally located, one pull latch tightening for easy and secure installation
    • Stroller features multi position, flat recline seat with memory recline
    • Roller features parent and child cup holders, large storage basket and easy one hand fold

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Azura (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

    Loved it overall but with some criticism (By Lilti9er)

    I love that this brand is so easy to use, open/close and to me the feeling is of high quality. As first-time parents, I’ve done my fair share of research and have removed many brands off my list from past experiences babysitting friends & family’s children. When my husband and mother went to look at this brand at the local Babies R Us, I didn’t realize that many patterns were of different kinds of materials/fabrics. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems keeping the Azura clean. We also had a 2nd Chicco Keyfit 30 in the Fuego pattern for my husband’s car and didn’t have any problems keeping that clean as well. A friend of ours had a pink one and she complained that hers made her baby very hot and sweat a lot leaving stains in the fabric. I reminded her that the newborn insert needed to be removed when the baby reached 11 lbs, I believe. I didn’t hear of her complaints afterwards on the sweating issue but she did complain about the weight of the car seat even though she had a lightweight baby.

    My baby was 8.5 lbs at birth and she fit in the car seat perfectly with the newborn inserts. I removed the body insert once she reached the max weight but I left the head cushion attached to prevent the head from flattening. I loved how easily I was able to install the car seat base while pregnant. The weight of the car seat and baby combined as she grew never really bothered me. I was more in love with quality than cared about weight since it was usually on a stroller anyways. Something I would complain about with the car seat is how little of sun coverage the canopy provided, even with the extra sun visor. It never stayed out either, it would always pull back. That’s something the manufacturer should look into. I was given an aftermarket sun/rain cover for the entire car seat to help with that.
    I also disliked how small the shoulder strap cover was. It was fine at first when she was a newborn but as she got older and bigger, the strap covers didn’t do anything to prevent the seat belt from rubbing against her skin. I eventually replaced them with much longer aftermarket strap covers.

    The Cortina stroller was nice at first until I started to use it. It would only fit in my SUV vs my husband’s smaller SUV. So we used the Chicco Keyfit Caddy on trips in his car. The Cortina was nice for walks around the neighborhood but not good for shopping trips b/c it was a full size stroller to maneuver through small aisles and clothes racks, and it’s heavy to load and unload onto my SUV. The car seat was easy to click onto the stroller but the stroller also lacked in canopy coverage. Even with the car seat canopy opened fully and the stroller’s canopy over it, there would be gaps on the sides and eventually the car seat’s canopy would fall back and expose baby. Those canopies really annoyed me. I did like how the handle adjusted since we’re short people, I’m only 5′ and I was comfortable pushing it on the lowest setting. I hated bringing this stroller to the dr’s office b/c those offices are so tiny and the Cortina is like a full size. We would have to strategically park it off to the side out of the dr’s way and really, it would still be in the way lol. We loved the Caddy for those dr’s visits and really, everywhere lol.

    I didn’t use the Cortina stroller much, I mainly used the Keyfit Caddy with the car seat. Then we stopped using the car seat altogether when she was approximately 10-11 months old b/c she was reaching the max height limit of the car seat. That may be another thing to think about. In my experience, the baby reached the height limit before the weight limit so I could’ve saved some money and went with the regular Keyfit instead of the Keyfit 30. She’s been in the Chicco Nextfit since she outgrew her Keyfit 30. We gave most of her baby gear to families in need so I know for sure that I won’t be purchasing the travel system again if we had a baby #2. We have 2 Nextfits, one in each car, so we may just use one of them for a new baby. I haven’t thought it all the way through yet though. If I don’t use a Keyfit car seat then that means I’ll have to carry the baby everywhere we go or babywear or stroller…I don’t know yet. But I know for sure that if we were to purchase another infant car seat then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Keyfit car seat but with a Caddy instead of the Cortina.

    Simple and easy to use (By orcaspam)

    Really like this car seat/stroller combo, its very light and easy to collapse and open up. The only things I wish it had was a larger cupholder…I can’t fit my camelbak water bottle in it..and that you didn’t have to adjust the recline of the stroller in order to put the diaper bag in the bottom compartment. Other than that, this really fits our needs and is super simple to use.

    We’ve adapted to it and it’s a great set. It’s easy to use and pushes like … (By PatioL)

    The system is big. If you have a sedan, the stroller will take up almost all of the room in your trunk. We have a truck too with a half cab in back and we lose the front passenger seat when the baby seat is in the back jump seat b/c it has to be folded over and all the way forward. However, these are it’s only two but luckily not for us, fatal flaws. We’ve adapted to it and it’s a great set. It’s easy to use and pushes like a dream. Also, this pattern is so handsome. Get lots of compliments every time we take it out.

    super good (By Lily)

    my husband and i were searching for long time before we purchase the item, it is little expensive but totally worse the money we paid. the quality just so good and the color is beautiful! i am so glad they are able to ship to Hawaii.

    Great stroller (By Anne Jacobs)

    We haven’t had our baby yet, but my husband said this was very easy to put together. It seems to be a safe, comfortable ride for our daughter on the way.

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System – Luna Review

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System - Luna

    • The KeyFit Infant Car Seat secures baby from 4 to 22 lbs. The Cortina Stroller is designed for use from birth to 50 lbs.
    • The Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat is designed for safety, comfort and convenience. With its removable newborn insert, the KeyFit Car Seat will accommodate your baby from 4 to 22 lbs. The carrier’s thickly cushioned seat includes a 5-point safety harness and is lined with energy-absorbing foam for increased safety and comfort.
    • The KeyFit Infant Car Seat base is designed for fast, secure installation. The spring-assisted level foot easily adjusts to fit the slope of the seats in your vehicle. The bubble level indicator on each side of the seat helps you install the seat correctly on either side of your car.
    • The KeyFit Car Seat fits securely onto the Cortina Stroller so you can take your newborn on walks as soon as you’re both ready. Once your child is big enough, place him or her directly into the stroller for your outings.
    • The Chicco Cortina Travel System with Discovery pattern includes the Cortina Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat so your child will be traveling in style, on foot or by car. The car seat is loaded with safety features, including energy-absorbing foam for improved side-impact protection, a removable newborn insert and a 5-point harness. And your child will love riding around in the Cortina Stroller, featuring a multiposition, flat-recline seat, adjustable leg support, removable canopy and all-wheel suspension. For smaller babies, the car seat fits securely into the stroller so you and baby can catch some fun on the run right away.

    2016 Best Chicco Baby Travel System: Chicco Cortina Travel System – Luna Reviews

    Chicco Cortina Travel System Luna Print (By C. E. Jacobs)


    My sister purchased the Chicco Cortina Travel System in Luna Print for her baby girl in November 2009 when it first came out. I had been researching strollers then we went and took a tour of strollers at Babiesrus and we pushed and folded up nearly half the strollers on display that night. We finally found a feature in the Chicco that she loved that is not normally on an affordable stroller. The seat lays flat and the footrest pulls up to create the feel of a little bed or bassinet. It was easy to fold, push, and put the car seat on the stroller and remove again. The car seat itself was a dream it had so much comfy padding and wasn’t heavy or bulky like other infant seats and the carrier handle folded up and down really easy. I think the only drawback we found was that we were normally used to 2 parent cup holders and one of the side snaps wouldn’t stay snapped on the child’s armrest a defect I am sure but really annoying. For the Car seat I do not like how short the sun shade falls and you cannot pull it further forward, but that is easy to rectify with a light blanket when ever you are in a sunny place. The diaper bags fit perfectly underneath and my niece had a lot of growing room. I loved the colors of this stroller and the fabric is durable and the white didn’t get dirty as easy as I thought it would.

    Car Seat is the Best..Stroller Not So Great (By Mrs. 1916)

    Pretty much all comments are accurate so far.
    Car seat is amazing! Easy to install, takes small babies, and the best part is the easy tightening mechanism. I was very sad when my baby outgrew it.
    Stroller is only so so. It was nice to have with the car seat, but in hindsight it wasn’t worth it (and accessing the basket was a huge pain), so I have sold it to use a Maclaren in the mall/tight spaces, and a BOB for outdoors.
    Reasons: I felt it all loosened over time and did not maneuver as easily as it first did; it was still too big for small spaces; and the wheels were horrible in the snow!
    In hindsight I think a snap n go with the seat would have been better or I should have just bought a premium all terrain stroller with rubber wheels from the get-go. At the time I thought the Chicco was an easier size to use than the BOB, and was trying to avoid an SUV stroller, but that was a mistake! I don’t think there is much of a difference in size at all at the end of the day!
    Giving 4 stars because the car seat earns 5, and the stroller is just average at 3. Depending on your needs, the stroller may be fine for you, but I found it wasn’t a good fit for me….my husband, he misses it for the cup holder!

    Great stroller, seat has limited use for larger babies (By FatOrangeTabby)

    I bought this travel system because the infant seat is the safest car seat on the market. It was great for my teeny-tiny newborn, who grew very fast into a 16 pound, 27″ 5 month old. While he is still well within the weight range on this, and in the height range for a bit longer as well, who wants to lug around a 15 lb. seat with a 16 lb. baby inside? Even when he was smaller, say 11 lbs., it was still HEAVY. For that reason we stopped carrying it into places. And for that reason, we figured why use it at all? We switched him at around 2.5 months to his Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat, Blue Opal which he likes a lot better. He used to cry in this seat all the time, and I think he hated the feeling of being down in it. It’s very deep. He was born in July, and he did sweat quite a bit in it. His head and back would be damp when I took him out, even in an air-conditioned car.

    It is extremely easy to install, and because it is so heavy, it’s very safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. We just used it for such a short period of time, that it hardly seems worth it.

    The stroller is wonderful. A little tricky to install, but very, very easy to push. I’m 5’11” and my husband is 6’2″ and we both push it around without kicking the back of it all the time. The handle adjusts for taller people. It turns on a dime, has adequate storage and cup holders, and my son will sit in it for hours at the mall or on walks. He usually falls asleep in it after awhile. I like the removable tray, the sunshade is adequate, and the stroller folds up easily. It is heavy, but it’s sturdy.

    I’m very happy with this system. I’m also happy that I didn’t buy an extra base for the infant seat, but instead decided to spend the money on a convertible seat that will last a lot longer.

    Very good (By forumans)

    There is not much of assembly. Car seat came assembled. Stroller needed some assembly. User Manual for stroller doesn’t have clear pictures(drawings) describing which side they hold the stroller during assembly. It took me about 20 minutes to understand. Actual stroller pictures could be printed instead of some drawings. That is the only reason I am giving it 4 stars. Otherwise, I would definitely give it 5.

    Would buy again without hestitation! (By J. Brand)

    I was in Buy Buy Baby looking for stroller accessories. A couple was in there and we gave a rave review of our Chicco stroller which they were also looking at. It reminded me that I haven’t left a review on Amazon yet. We have been using it for nearly 8 weeks and go out ALOT! Obviously, we are not using the toddler seat version yet; just the carrier snapping in. All of our friends that have recently had babies reached the same conclusion we did to get this stroller and we all love it!

    Reasons I *love* the travel system:
    1.) drives smoothly
    2.) handle is adjustable. I am 5’4″ which is average and apparently don’t fit the ideals that many other stroller handlebars have been built to for steering height preferences.
    3.) Easy to know that the carrier is secure by listening for 2 clicks. Initially, we were either dumb or the stroller needed broken in a bit because a piece of fabric was getting caught. We don’t always get the 2 clicks right away but we keep trying until we do whether in the car seat base or the stroller just to be safe.
    4.) One-handed opening is super easy. Just pull up on the handle and do a flick outward of the wrist like an gentle underhand toss of a ball and in 2 seconds it is open.
    5.) Awesome value. You get what you pay for and this will easily last another kid. Just like we told the couple registering, it is expensive but worth every penny and wouldn’t think twice about buying it again. We didn’t see how the models that cost more added more value. I babysat for a friend’s kid that had a Graco and I came to the conclusion after a walk around the block and to our neighborhood playground that the stroller was a piece of junk!
    It didn’t steer well, the ride was really bumpy on even my hands being on the handlebar (even worse for the baby), and it just felt cheap in general despite being new. It helped to guide our decision of what to look for in a stroller.
    6.) I feel like the baby is securely strapped in and it is pretty quick to get him strapped into the carrier.
    7.) The carrier is designed really well for carrying around while the baby is still this age. Extra wide portions of the carrier handle are in the exact right places. The grip is perfect.
    8.) Just looking at it you can tell it is quality. So many carriers have paper-thin seat padding and look like they are about to fall apart. Our baby will travel so much that we want to make sure he is comfortable and that we get something that won’t fall apart on us in the airport or in the middle of a hiking excursion. He has never cried when we strap him into the carrier. So, it is obviously rather comfy.
    9.) Doesn’t take up a big footprint in our house. When we bring it in from our cars, we put it next to the front door. It stays upright on its own. Though I wouldn’t trust it if there was a lot of wind outside and certainly wouldn’t trust it to stay upright and do stupid things like put it next to the baby inside just in case it happens to fall over.

    Minor design issues in order of annoyance – the reasons it gets a 4 star instead of a 5 star:
    1.) The biggest annoyance is that the toddler bed (can’t think of what better to call it) has to be fully reclined in order to put the infant carrier securely snapped into the stroller. Forget about putting a large diaper bag in there. Getting the diaper bag out for a quick diaper change when you don’t also remove the carrier is a pain, too. We are still learning after many uses that the diaper bag has to go in first (because the toddler bed thing has to be raised, which is simple, in order to get our rather slim JJ Cole bag in the basket) then the carrier goes in. To fold the stroller, you have to do the process in reverse. If you don’t remember to grab the diaper bag and other contents out of the basket (which we have done several times), they will dump out onto the parking lot or wherever you are. We find it easier to toss the diaper bag over a shoulder like a purse.
    2.) The strap covers on the carrier (that go next to baby’s face) do their job well. They catch the drool and spit-up just fine. And, our baby is an expert at spit up! However, what exactly were they thinking when they put stitches on there??? To get the darned things off to wash, you have to actually disassemble the belts (just like you would to move up to the next higher level as the baby gets bigger). They should have put them on there with velcro. We registered for some removable seat belt protectors/drool catchers but they are too long to use in the infant carrier but they will work when he is in the toddler seat.
    3.) don’t see the point of the window in the sunshade. There has to be pretty good sunlight going in so that the baby can be seen. It is much easier to just move the sunshade back if you want to see if the baby is sleeping. Maybe for an older kid it would be better (i.e., you can see that they are sleeping because they are slumped over). We saw on the newer models the sunshade window is now a black mesh material. That solves a problem that we saw in floor models where the clear plastic would crack from being folded up but I can’t imagine that you can see the kid any better that way. Chicco should put a cover over the window so that if people want to use it they can but they can also then cover the window when they don’t want the sun to hit their kid’s head.
    4.) The shades on both the stroller and carrier still leave gaps between them where the baby will get wet or get sun exposure. And, also the carrier shade does not stays securely in the full shade position. We are constantly pulling the one on the carrier so that it does its job.

    Neutral comments – I have issues with one handed folding of the stroller. My husband is about 3 inches taller and has no problem with that. I feel like I have to wrestle it to the ground and I do not always hear it snap closed. Not saying that I fail at doing it; it is just awkward – must not have figured out the secret. Half the time, it rolls out from underneath me. And, it basically takes up the entire trunk of my Toyota Camry. It is a little on the heavy side when hoisting into our Honda Pilot (which is basically at waist-level) but nothing we can’t handle.