Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone Review

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone

  • Durable dark 600 denier blue denim exterior, with soft cotton interior and a main seat offering a 5 point safety, tail free harness that ensures no risk to your child from excess straps
  • Smooth drop fold with automatic frame lock and standing feature for easier storage in the house
  • Ultra adaptable and infant ready out of the box with its lie flat seat mode – also compatible with the graco snug ride, maxi cosi mico, and cybex aton car seats with adapter (sold separately)
  • Roomy gear tray great for your shopping, due to the strong support of the metal frames underneath, the roomy gear tray can take quite a load off holding up to a best in class 22 pounds
  • Stroller is 25″ wide, weighs 26 pounds, and can accommodate a child from birth to 4 years or up to the max weight capacity of 44 pounds

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers, Stone Reviews

Pricey compared to similar strollers but digging it (By shan1212)

I have previously owned a Mutsy 4Rider Light, a BOB utility stroller, and the Mountain Buggy Plus One. I wanted to replace the Mutsy which was sold to purchase a double. The Plus One is a great stroller, and I run with it as a single or as a double, but I wanted a four-wheel, petite stroller to maneuver easily on city streets and in shops. My older child is 3.5 so I didn’t feel I needed a stroller with a second seat like the B-Ready or the City Select, though I was tempted by the new Phil and Teds Verve. If I could have tried that out in person I might have gotten it.

I tested out the City Versa and City Select and felt that they were much less maneuverable than my gold-standard, the Mutsy. I also tested out the Mutsy EVO, which was nice to push but did not have a good basket for carting groceries home. The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan is nearly as breezy to push as the Mutsy and has an awesome basket reinforced with steel, so that sold me on it. It does not take a second seat but I’ve ordered the freerider to use with it. From the pictures it looks like your free-riding child’s head might be cramped based on the position of the handlebar and the fact that it’s not adjustable, so I’ll update on that once we’ve used it. I figure that since we’ll take the Plus One when we feel we need a true double, this won’t be a big issue for us.

My 3.5 year old tested out the seat and was just under the canopy, so I don’t see this stroller being comfortable for a much older child, but I think it will be fun to use with my one year old for the next couple of years.

I gave it 4 stars because it seems priced a bit high compared to its obvious competition like the Mutsy EVO and the City Versa, but I didn’t mind paying the price to get the features (big basket, sturdy and smooth ride, petite and relatively light frame) that were important to me.

Missed the mark. (By MamaMoose)

This is a beautiful stroller. But far from perfect. Had I paid full price, it would have been returned. But it’s good enough for the open-box price.

Quality feels good.
So easy to steer, even one handed, with a full basket and chubby baby.
Curb pops beautifully.
Lovely large canopy, love the expandable mesh for airflow.
Best basket EVER!! Huge. Sturdy. My 16lbs dog loves riding in it at the end of a long walk, next to the veggies from farmers market.
Love how the seat converts from bassinet to seat with a few intelligent buckles.
Easy recline.
Forward or rear facing is always a plus. Easy to switch around even with baby in seat.
Love the large wheels. They handle gravel alley ways and terrible small, rural town roads just fine. Not the suspension of a jogging stroller, but it’s not a jogging stroller.

Harness is huge, at tightest. Droops off my 20lb, tall 6 month baby.
Because the harness is huge I realized how high the bumper bar. My loosely buckled baby hit the bumper bar with her face couple of times going off a curb. I have to be very diligent avoid this. It also obstructs her view. Seems like the bumper height was meant for a larger child except…
The seat is really, really short. It will never fit a larger child. My six month girl is approximately 22″ seat to top of head. She has, maybe 2-3″ to go before her head hits the canopy.
This stroller folds huge. Takes up quite a bit of the trunk in Land Rover Discovery. And it sticks when folding. A pain.

Overall, for the price I paid, I like this stroller. But I avoid traveling with it. Strictly house to road. Great market stroller.
I just purchased the Mamas & Papas Armadillo for travel and smaller trunk footprint.

This Stroller rocks! (By Mommy on the Go)

This stroller looks very trendy with the denim fabric, but is very versatile as well! I love that it lays all the way down like a bassinet making it very convenient for the baby to sleep. It is very easy to break down and store in your vehicle and I love the rubber fabric where the child’s feet rest. The storage under the stroller is very spacious. Overall this stroller looks great and works great. My only complaint is that there isn’t a cup holder on the stroller.

I absolutely love this stroller (By mnason williams)

I absolutely love this stroller! It is exactly how its described on the Mountain Buggy website, its light, easy to transform in to lay flat, turn around, maneuver. I chose the turquoise color, it looks beautiful!

Quality Stroller (By James Barton)

It took 5 minutes to set up the stroller after opening the box. The stroller is very easy to fold making it easy to get into the car. My 2 year old daughter loves the stroller for its comfort and I love the stroller for its versatile options. She can lay down IF she takes a nap and can sit up to see the sights. I do wish the stroller came with a holder for her cup.

hard to push in the snow. Can’t put canopy on a almost 2 year old (By bryna)

I have this carriage for two years. I am very unhappy. It is very hard to push on the snow. I thought cause it is mountain buggy it will have an easy ride. Wrong… My son is 21 month old I can not put the canopy down it touches his head… He is very uncomfortable in it. I loved the bassinet when he was younger… But just not worth it

Looks good and move very well (By Mercedes)

Looks good and move very well. It is a bit on the big side . I give 4 stars because of the workmanship . It could be better . Locks and hitch come lose a bit after one month . Feel not strong enough to go thought time .
It is a gift for my grandson I use it a few times and I brought another stroller for myself so we do not have to

Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller Review

Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller

  • 3-wheel design and 23” width offers compact maneuverability and at only 21 pounds it is very lightweight for an all-terrain stroller; 10” air-filled tires for the smoothest ride possible and a front swivel wheel that can be locked for stability
  • Freerider compatible with Connector 1 (both sold separately), Carrycot compatible and car seat compatible with use of adapter (sold separately) to Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and coming soon; Chicco Keyfit and Maxi Cosi Mico
  • Seat has full recline (newborn to upright), 5-point safety harness and has a 77 pound weight capacity
  • 2-step fold and new automatic frame lock allows the stroller to collapse flat for compact storage
  • Features include: fully adjustable handle bar, a fixed sunhood with flick-out mesh sun visor, large storage basket (11 pound capacity) and one bottle holder included at no extra charge

Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller Reviews

Simply the best. (By guild9)

This stroller is simply the best! As a city dweller, the maneuverability factor was a key issue in selecting a stroller. Sidewalks are tight and crowded after all! I love the front wheel swivel control and the option to lock it for a more casual walk in the park. :). It’s compact too so it fits nicely in the trunk of my Prius and stores away well in the confined space of my apartment. It’s adjustable seat assures that this is a keeper and that there will be no need to upgrade anytime soon. And talk about comfortable looking. I’m actually jealous of my two year old! I sure wish my mother could have pushed me around in one of these. It’s the Cadillac of strollers!

This stroller keeps me active! (By BrooklynZoo)

I needed a stroller that would allow me to keep up my jogging, hiking, etc., and this was definitely the one. Others didn’t off the ability to be my go-to active stroller and then also be used for every day strolling. And most importantly, our 8 month old daughter seems to be more comfortable in this stroller than any other stroller or seat we put her in! She can even take a nap in here, which is something she never does in other strollers or car seats. Love this!!!

Perfect Product For Unexpected Use! (By J. Ford)

There’s a strange phenomenon supplemental oxygen users encounter…as your oxygen needs increase, the weight of available carting-equipment that keeps you ambulatory increases ten-fold. Even stranger is the fact that pulmonary doctor’s visits require me to visit 3 different buildings on a large university medical campus. Enter the Mountain Buggy Swift Stoller…with the detachable canopy off, the cushioned extra-length back and seat are the perfect size to accommodate 2 large oxygen e-tanks. The shoulder and waist seatbelts coupled with the roll bar (instead of a tray that is more common to strollers) are the real icing on the cake. And the BIG wheels…what a smooth, effortless delight…especially when compared to the tiny little ones that are used on oxygen cylinder carts. Finally, the light weight of the cart and its small (albeit tall) profile make loading it in the car simple (using a bit of leverage). Trying to live a full life while depending on supplemental oxygen can be a challenge…but the ultimate insult is being unable to get out and about because the only available “wheels” make the load too heavy to push.

Post kid review (By MGJville)

When expecting our first kid, my only buggy requirements were that it was simple, that it could fit into our tiny car and that I could retain my man-card when pushing it in public. We settled on the Mountain Buggy Swift which easily fulfilled all three of my pre-child, narrow-minded requirements.

Since now understanding what it means to have a kid, my buggy requirements have changed slightly.

New musts:
Easy to manoeuvre (so grand parents can take kid out for long walks without parents being present).
Kid comfortable and likes being in buggy (bugger carrying a kid around who refuses to be in the buggy as well as pushing their stroller and all the other bits they need to get through a basic outing).
Somewhere to store all the other bits the kid needs to get through a basic outing (it is insane to think there was a time pre-kid where I just carried a wallet when I left the house).
Food, sick and juice dont automatically ruin buggy (surely no explanation needed here…).

The Swift fortunately nails all these new must haves as well and is easily the best stroller I have pushed to date. This may have been somewhat of a fluke purchase to end up with a product which does much more than anticipated, but when we recommend it to friends, we claim to have done our research.

If you dont know what having a kid really means, the Swift is a safe bet buggy.

Dissapointed (By Anna S.)

To start … I purchased this for my 3rd child and own several other strollers(uppababy vista , phil and teds navigator, phil and teds lux, peg perego pliko3, Maxi cosi mila, ) so I have others to compare it to :) I know I am the only reviewer so far that didn’t like this stroller and returned it …and here is why.
-cheap materials… I mean the quality is not great at all. Even the front bar is a rod with material over it…it just does not look well made!
-weird folding mechanism which definitely needs getting used to
-Seat is narrow…too narrow for my 11 month old..who is big for his age …but I was hoping he’d be more comfortable in it. While many can appreciate how narrow this stroller is when handling it in tight spaces it takes from giving the baby extra room.
-Seat is at an angle where the child doesn’t sit up all the way… and my son hated that!
-Small canopy and the mesh sun visor is also very small
-Terrible basket : small and flimsy
-rides smoothly thanks to air filled tires… and that’s about it. Unfortunately this stroller just didn’t work for us at all.

Amazing Stroller!! (By Rob S W)

I love the adjustable seat position. We can use it for our baby and our 3 year old!!
The foot operated brake makes everything so easy when my hands are full. Great design.
It is definitely durable and water repellent. We got caught in a storm:-(
I highly recommend this stroller!!

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby Review

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby

  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters
  • Ultra compact size at just 22″ wide and weighing 13 pounds
  • Travel bag and shoulder carrying strap included
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage
  • Nano can be used until approximately 4 years of age or max weight of 44 pounds

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Ruby Reviews

Searched for Weeks..Finally found the One!!!! (By N’Joy!!!)

Its just been 6 months since i started using this stroller, and its basket is already starting to tear apart. Please not that though i do use this buggy everyday, but basket was the least used part of the stroller for me. I usually use mommy hooks to hang diaper bags and grocery. Deducting 1 star for the quality.

February 11, 2015

I searched for weeks when i wanted to buy a new stroller. We already have Graco travel system, but when there were times that i had to handle stroller alone without my hubby’s help, like dropping Baby to daycare, grocery, shopping etc…It was impossible for me to lift 26 pounds stroller and put that in Trunk everytime. I searched a lot. My main requirements were :

1) Lightweight

2) Small to fold since most strollers take all of Trunk space(Thats where Most of Umbrella strollers lacked for me, as even when folded straight the lengthwise size was big in Trunk. And carrying it over shoulder such a lengthy stroller is awkward). In fact it folds so compact that we went to a restaurant where baby strollers were not allowed(weird!!!), anyways, we said no problem. we folded the stroller and tucked it under table. Everyone was looking at how we were able to tuck that big stroller under the two-person table and still sit comfortably.!! Cool right!!

3) In Price-range: My budget was around $150, but when i saw its feature, i was ready to shell more bucks out of my pocket, specially when similar stroller in other named-company is almost costs $400. Compared to that, its specially reasonable. Though added weather covers would have been nice touch.

I found this stroller by Luck while googling.
Mostly you see G-Luxe and McLaren strollers when mentioned about lightweight. This stroller was not in many blogs, which is surprising cos i found it better than those. This is my everyday stroller now. I don’t even think twice while getting this one out.

Along with above reasons i mentioned why i chose this, following were bonus for me that i didn’t expect:

1) Good basket size. Since its open from front for basket access, you can put a lot if you keep the leg-seat upright.

2) Can attach to any car-seat. Now this is something hardly any umbrella stroller can even provide you with. I was so impressed with this feature, that i regret buying my heavy-travel system. I could have bought a good lightweight infant-seat, and this stroller instead.

3) Smooth Maneuverability, just like any full size stroller.

Its one hand fold is not a deal-breaker for me, but it would have been nice since on many occasions, its only me carrying our babe with no extra hand to hold him. But as i said, not a deal breaker for me for the features it has.

Since i have been using it almost daily, there are somethings i found missing too. But since i loved this stroller so much and wanted to keep it, i found work-around for each of them:

1) The back cover is fully net. Now its good in summers, but not in winters or windy weather. My workaround, just cut a black cloth from your old T-shirt or in my case, i had a suit-cover in black that was just lying there. I cut it in same size and attached it with net to cover it. Problem solved.

2) Canopy is not enough to cover my son from sun, or allow him to nap in less-light. For that i bought a Canopy extender. Now its up to you how high you wana go with Canopy extender. I found a very good and stylish extender, that literally extends all the way down, so that he is completely sheltered from light when he is napping. The extender has net in front-middle too, in case you wana cover him like from drizzle or something, but want him to peek outside still.Here is the link to the extender!/SimpleShade-Stroll-v2-Sport-Edition-Black/p/28262148/category=4190122 . Again, its upto you how high you wana go with extenders. On AMazon you can get cheaper ones too. But i loved this one, it was totally worth it. Not only it has nice shape and design, its waterproof and extends all the way down. My Son, who is a terrible napper, would sleep for 1-2 hrs when i extend the extender all way down so that there is no light to distract him. Money worth spent.

3) It doesn’t have cup/snack holder. For that i got a super light stroller organizer that working very well with this stroller. You can find my review for that stroller organizer at:

4) Its missing peek-a-boo window. For this, i’m not able to find any workaround. There is the net in back that i can open and check on him, but the velcro is so loud that it wakes up my baby everytime.

**If you found this review at all helpful, please take a minute to let me know by clicking the button saying this review was helpful to you. I try very hard to test all features before giving my unbiased opinion to users. Please feel free to reply to this comment, if you have any questions.

Fabulous travel stroller (By mkks)

I needed (wanted) a new stroller for my upcoming solo plane-train-automobile vacation with my 3 year old. I’ve been through more strollers than I can count in three years and have a Cybex Onyx for now (which is awesome, but heavy.) I was resigned to buying another Uppababy G-Lite since it’s, you know, light, but I wasn’t fond of the wheels or the sling-style seat. On a whim, I decided I should search “stroller” on Amazon to make sure I wasn’t missing anything… AND I WAS. If you travel often with kids, you want this stroller.

:: FOLD/BAG If you’ve watched the video, you know how small it folds. It really does fold that small- they’re not exaggerating- and it folds easily without any foot action or hard work. The travel bag takes a bit of wiggling to get on but nothing really difficult. It has a carrying strap attached to the stroller, not the bag, so if you don’t want to use the bag, no big deal. I can lift it with one hand or one arm easily. Despite being lightweight and small, it doesn’t feel like an unstable, rickety stroller (I hated the Peg P3 and Peg Si for this reason) or like it’ll fall apart if it’s handled by the airline (why I got rid of my original G-Lite in the first place.)

:: SEAT The seat itself offers a ton of growing room. My DD measures 21″ from butt to top of head and has an amazing amount of growing room for a compact stroller. Probably close to what she has in the Onyx when the canopy is slid most of the way up. There is a strap recline which we probably won’t use much, but it works like all the others. There’s also the mesh backing between the top of the seat and the canopy to help with air circulation (and so the kid doesn’t fall out the back when the seat is reclined, I imagine.

Still loving it after a year (By Edie)

Update 5/4/15
Ok, so I’ve had this stroller for a good year now. I still love it as much as I did before. Keeping the 5 star rating. I felt compelled to update my review because I just used it again this weekend after not using it much this past winter. My now 3 year old still loves to ride around in it and will actually request it when she knows we’re going to walk around a lot. This thing is so convenient. We are actually going on vacation again this week and I plan on taking it mainly for the airport because our flights are during ridiculous hours and I’m sure my daughter will be exhausted. I’ve always been able to take it as a carry-on on the airplane free of charge. Flying Spirit Airline this time and they seem to charge for everything, including carry-ons. I’ll try to pass this as my one personal item that is allowed. :-)

Update 4/25/14:

Called mountain buggy directly. It turns out, I’m not the only one with this problem. The problem is with the spring in the front wheels. When you call, explain what the problem is and they will send you a replacement kit to fix the spring system. They told me it would only take a week or so to receive. They already started manufacturing new strollers with the new spring system, so anyone making a brand new purchase will not come accross this issue. I heard those will be shipping out soon. In the meantime, I am more than happy with their resolution and their prompt and courteous customer service. So if you are having this problem, I urge you to call mountain buggy directly and don’t go through amazon. Now they get 5 stars for customer service. I’ll be writing another update when I receive the replacement kit.

Update 4/2/14:
Just got back from Cancun. More in love than before with this stroller.
What a breeze this is to travel with. And YES, it meets carry on requirements. I was able to take it into the airplane as a carry on. As an extra precaution, I removed the back wheels after I folded it and put them in the bag with the stroller. Extra step, but super simple to do. Everyone was amazed at how compact and easy to fold this thing was. I lived all the stares and attention we got. :-). So yes, I hugely recommend this as the best travel stroller out there. Just one minor issue I’m having. The front wheels keep locking on me and it gets very very very annoying to have to stop every 10 feet to bend down and unlocking. This is not normal and should not be happening. I don’t know if it he sand from the beach got in it or what but I noticed it started happening after the first time I locked the wheels myself to go over rough terrain. I plan on contacting the company to ask questions and for repairs or replacement. I still give this stroller five starts because aside from the issue I’m experiencing, this product is amazing.

Previous review:
So I just took it out for a spin yesterday and I love it. It takes up way less room in my trunk and it is so much lighter than my First Years Wave Stroller. I ordered the nano so that I could take on vacation when we travel to Cancun and Disney this year. I took the Wave to Belgium and it was a bit of a hassle having to take the wheels off, taking the seat off and fitting it into a huge carry bag. They threw it in the bag and it came back super hot and damaged. The nano supposedly meets airline policies for carry-on luggage so I hope that’s true because I really don’t want this one to get damaged. I only had one little hiccup while closing it. I wasn’t used to it and forgot that I have to use the strap to tie down the hood so that it won’t pop open when continuing the fold. No biggie, it’s just a matter of getting used to the folding. The ruby color is beautiful. The materials look and feel like they are of good quality. When I first opened it out of the box, my almost 2 year old immediately sat in it and loved it. She watched an entire movie sitting in it and having a snack. The adjustable leg rest is awesome and since her legs are still too short to touch the footrest, it made it really comfortable for her. The recline goes back really far and she looked very comfy in it so it looks good for napping. There is an ample vent so the air can circulate. Now the basket. It looks small but it fits my rather large JP Lizzy tote bag. Granted the bag wasn’t full to capacity, but it had a lot of stuff in it. It is also very easy to access through the front, which I prefer. You can also reach in to grab stuff through the back, but it’s not as easy, which is fine with me because I think that if someone were to try and steal something it would be easiest for them through the back when the parent isn’t looking. So this is a plus for me. This doesn’t come with a bumper guard or cup holders for baby or parent which is a bummer, but it’s easy to tuck a sippy cup in the basket below through the back. The seat is also very roomy and deep, so my baby was able to sit her snack cup beside her. When the hood was velcroed and pulled all the way up, I used that space in between as storage for her jacket and snack cup. The handle bar is not adjustable. I’m 5’4" and it was very comfortable for me, but it also seems like they built it high enough to be comfortable for taller parents. The only thing that annoys me is that if the hood is up, the parent’s hands are covered by it. Covering my hands makes me hot, so that’s just my personal problem. One of the back wheels makes a little ticking sound, but the stroller seems very stable so maybe it just needs to settle in. What I love most is the fact that this stroller is so easy to maneuver with one hand. I was able to open and close store doors with no problem and/or help. The stroller is also narrow enough that it fits through small isles. Oh, the carry bag it comes with is very handy and easy to put on. You can even pull up the shoulder strap to carry it that way. Ok, I think I should stop now. LOL Hope this helps someone in making a decision since I myself was not able to find ANY reviews on it since this stroller was just released. I was surprised to even find it on Amazon. The only video I based my decision on was on the mountain buggy website.

Mountain Buggy 2013 Urban Jungle Stroller (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Mountain Buggy 2013 Urban Jungle Stroller (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 3-wheel design and a slim 25” width offers compact maneuverability and lightweight at only 24 pounds; 12” air-filled tires with a rear suspension for the smoothest ride possible and a front swivel wheel that can be locked for stability
  • Freerider compatible with Connector 1 (both sold separately). Also compatible with Face-to-Face Rear Facing Seat, Carrycot and with use of adapter (sold separately) to Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Maxi Cosi Mico and Cybex Aton
  • Seat has full recline (newborn to upright), 5-point safety harness and has a 55 pound weight capacity
  • 2-step fold and new automatic frame lock allows the stroller to collapse flat for compact storage
  • Features include: fully adjustable handle bar, a height adjustable follow-the-sun sunhood with flick-out mesh sun visor, large storage basket (11 pound capacity) and one bottle holder and bumper bar included at no extra charge

Mountain Buggy 2013 Urban Jungle Stroller (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Best stroller ever! (By C. Chicago)

After MUCH research and a friend’s recommendation, we just had the 2013 urban jungle delivered. It is amazing! Sporty yet sleek. Glides so easily, can push with one finger and very durable. We live in Chicago and wanted something that could go through snow, sand, gravel and this is it. I was hesitant about the larger size but it’s worked out great. The baby can grow into it and not be so squished as the Bugaboo or Swift smaller version and didn’t want the ugly BOB. Amazon has great deals on the older model, but the 2013 has some very nice upgrades and worth spending full price. We ordered the Flint color, which turned out to be quite a bit darker than the picture (almost black). To brighten it up, we ordered a red canopy/hood for $35 and the two-tone looks sporty and unique. My friend gave us her stroller/carseat adapter which perfectly fits my Graco Snugride 30. Prior to purchasing, I contacted Mountain Buggy several times and had amazing customer service every single time…immediate live person who was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend this stroller!

Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black Review

Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black

  • One-size-fits-all fixed handle height, full swivel front wheel, rear foot brake and lightweight mesh gear tray. Stroller weighs a mere 17 pounds, is 23” wide, and can accommodate up to 44 pounds
  • Large sun canopy with extra-large flick-out mesh sun visor and Velcro-free peek-a-boo mesh sun flap to quietly check on baby while they snooze
  • Upright to lie-flat (for newborns) ventilated mesh seat back with with rollaway fabric option for more coverage; Easy to remove zip-off fabric for easy cleaning and tailfree harness included
  • Included in the box (black color only) is a car seat adapter to attach a Mountain Buggy Protect, phil&teds Alpha, or Maxi Cosi Mico (including AP) infant car seat to the stroller to create a travel system
  • Also compatible with Graco Classic and Click Connect, Peg Perego, and Chicco Keyfit and infant car seats with adapter purchased separately
  • Included in the box (black color only) is a car seat adapter to attach a Mountain Buggy Protect, phil&teds Alpha, or Maxi Cosi Mico (including AP) infant car seat and also included are a storm cover and sun cover

Mountain Buggy 2013 Mini Stroller, Black Reviews

great stroller (By seal459)

I am surprised that nobody has reviewed this stroller. I bought this stroller when it was new to the market and had little reviews on the internet. I took a chance because I know that Mountain Buggy makes quality strollers. One complaint I read was that it was a bumpy ride due to the tires. The vibration and bumpy-ness caused by the tires is so minimal and should not deter you from getting this stroller. It is lightweight and ideal for city living. A nice alternative to the city mini and in my opinion better looking. I would highly recommend this stroller.

Perfect for us! (By L. Frey)

First, I must admit, this stroller just arrived today, But! we put 4.5 miles on it this evening including in downpour rain. I’m one of those people who hate accumulating lots and lots of gear, but this stroller was needed to replace two others we own. We have a Schwinn fixed wheel jogger we got in 2008 and a Joovy Ultralight Caboose, we got last summer. Both were decent strollers but weren’t cutting it for us. The Schwinn was great when we lived right near an area with straight paths, and I ran pretty often. Fast foward to last summer when we moved into an urban area and walk often including to and from my husband’s work 9 blocks from us, and our Joovy was our second car. It was great for awhile but our boys now almost 3 and 6 are outgrowing it. Our 3 year old’s legs are generally dangling in the wheels and our 6 year old is used to walking further distances now. Enter the MB Mini Stroller, it is SO light, I can easily steer around anything, it’s almost effortless, even with one hand. It keeps my little guys feet away from the wheel and there is a nice foot platform. The wheels are amazing…I was hesitant to buy a stroller without air filled tires, because of issues we had with the Joovy, but these handle sidewalk issues, from gutters to uneven concrete, even curb lips. I even ran with it on a park path and there was no front wheel wobble issues (the wheel does not lock) the break is super secure but I could engage and release it easily while wearing minimalist shoes. (I could only stand to release the Schwinn ones with my hands) The cargo net is shallow looking but today I had my stroller essentials, small first aid kit, wipes, the boys rain coats, a small blanket, umbrella, and then ended up adding my husband’s lunch bag, a full size umbrella, and a 12″ pizza.
Once we got caught in the rain we even strapped my older son’s Mini Kick Scooter to the back of it using the wrist safety strap. We did have the three year old hold an umbrella to keep dry, as we didn’t have a rain cover. I also added a set of Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks to hang our Kleen Kanteens from. My only complaint was how you adjust the straps, but only a small annoyance. Oh! when it is collapsed (super easy to do) it stands upright all on its own! Now I’m looking foward to walking around the city again without having to constantly lift the stroller over every sidewalk bump (Joovy) or lifting/dragging it (Fixed wheel Schwinn) around people and obstacles, plus no tight back muscles since it is light and effortless!

Perfect travel stroller (By Hiral Shah)

We love this stroller. We tried many strollers for travel and running quick errands. This is the strongest one that is very easy to push, sturdy and super easy to fold up. It has been on a plane multiple times and did not break. Our daughter is also very comfortable in this stroller. Highly recommend it.

Just got it and love it already (By Loraine)

We got this stroller to replace our old umbrella stroller. We got an excellent sale price for it when we bought it (under $200), but normally it is priced over $300 (I think). It was very easy to assemble, It is also a very smooth ride, opens and closes very easily, and my son loves it! He loves to look at us through the window in the canopy. I wish that it had a cup holder inside for the child, or even better, a front bar console that can hold drinks/treats/toys and also serve to hold the child in so that you don’t have to strap in a toddler. I also wish it had a cup holder/organizer on the handle for the pusher. I have ordered one, but I’m not sure if it will fit since the handle is not angled like many strollers. Anyway, I definitely recommend this stroller if you can get it for about $200. I would not buy it for more than $300.

Perfect lightweight, stylish stroller EASY TO USE (By Nora)

We were choosing between this stroller and the new Phil&Ted’s Smart buggy. This one won hands down within a few minutes. It has a REAL one hand/one button closure and it also stands up on its own when folded. Opening is also easy it does not require you to throw any body weight into it or get any momentum going for it to lock in place. It just falls open when you release the lock which did I mention automatically locks when you close it! With a thirteen pound baby I can push easily with one hand and hold the dog’s leash with the other. I’m sure this one hand pushing with become more difficult as he gets heavier. It is also easy to lift because it weighs nothing compared to most strollers.

mini for my mini! (By warren11)

I think our family has now found the perfect stroller! We have “test driven” several (my poor husband), but nothing compares to the mini! It is SUPER lightweight and very smooth to push. The fold is beyond easy which was a huge selling point for me. I also love that the tires are airless – anything that makes my life easier earns major bonus points! :) My little guy loves to stroll, but usually falls asleep halfway through the ride, so I love that the seat can lay flat and there is a huge canopy to block the sun. Plus, the same great durability as all the other Mountain Buggies. Overall this stroller is a WINNER for families on the go!

Good stroller, but depends on what you need. (By KayC)

Great high-quality light stroller with nice wheels that is easy to manuever. The reason I will return are as follows:

a) the seat is too small (you can’t really see this from the pictures but the seat is VERY shallow, seems like the baby’s butt won’t fit there after about 1 year.
b) the leg rest is too short, so again your baby will grow out of it farely quickly
c) the leg rest has a wide metal plate that would be right under your child’s calves… if you leave in hot sunny climate it will heat up under the sun and can burn the baby. We tested it by leaving the sroller outside for a few minutes and it did get hot under direct sun. Again, you can’t really tell this from the pictures and description.

Mountain Buggy 2013 Swift Stroller, Chili (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Mountain Buggy 2013 Swift Stroller, Chili (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 3-wheel design and 23” width offers compact maneuverability and at only 21 pounds it is very lightweight for an all-terrain stroller; 10” air-filled tires for the smoothest ride possible and a front swivel wheel that can be locked for stability
  • Freerider compatible with Connector 1 (both sold separately), Carrycot compatible and car seat compatible with use of adapter (sold separately) to Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and coming soon; Chicco Keyfit and Maxi Cosi Mico
  • Seat has full recline (newborn to upright), 5-point safety harness and has a 77 pound weight capacity
  • 2-step fold and new automatic frame lock allows the stroller to collapse flat for compact storage
  • Features include: fully adjustable handle bar, a fixed sunhood with flick-out mesh sun visor, large storage basket (11 pound capacity) and one bottle holder included at no extra charge

Mountain Buggy 2013 Swift Stroller, Chili (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

Swift and Solid (By CBLUE)

My partner and I bought this stroller for our two year old because we wanted something smaller than our city select, but sturdier/tougher than our cheap umbrella stroller. The swift is solid! Mountain buggy sells itself on “durability” and the swift feels sturdier than most of the strollers we looked at – and it is still really compact. It is great for zipping around SF on a sunny Saturday and have no issues taking it a little “off road,” It folds a little long, but still fits in our car just fine and the harness height was a pain to adjust, but you only have to do this once (maybe twice) and the harness itself feels very secure. All told, we are very happy with the Swift and have already recommended it to some friends.

Great stroller for those needing convenience (By TinaP)

This stroller is a fantastic option for those looking for convenience and ease. We take this stroller all over the place, and it is good for areas with uneven surfaces which makes it easy to use in cities or in the country. The easy to remove seat is also a huge plus, and makes it easily transferable. Lastly, the adjustable seat is easy to use and helpful on a day to day basis. I would recommend this product to friends and family without a concern.

Perfect everday stroller (By Tui)

I bought this stroller about six months ago for my newborn. It seems really sturdy and it’s definitely light-weight. I can’t wait to start jogging with it in a few weeks. I found it a little tricky to fold at first, but once I figured it out I love that it locks automatically when I fold it down. I would recommend this stroller to anyone who is looking for a light-weight stroller they can use every day and occasionally run with.

Great Stroller (By Dan)

My wife and I were deciding between many different strollers but we selected the Mountain Buggy Swift. And boy we are happy about it! The stroller is extremely smooth when riding and jogging with it. I live in the city of Chicago where the sidewalks are crowded with adults and kids and the stroller is very easy to maneuver on the sidewalks and through the city parks. It drivers smooth, is very comfortable for my child and very easy for my wife to push. I am very happy with my purchase!

Great Stroller! (By Cat)

Very sturdy stroller. Looks very sleek, rides smoothly over all kinds of surfaces. Seems very comfy for baby! I look forward to jogging with it.