Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller Review

Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller

  • Filled with Extras: Infant Headhuggers, Front Bars, Tire Pump, Raincover & Zip off Storage pouch
  • All Terrain Stroller that can handle virtually any terrain including Sand, Snow, Offroading
  • Additional Toddler Seat available to accommodate 3rd child
  • Special Edition Version: EX-tra UV Mesh Panel in hood, Side Access to Basket, Easier remove Headhuggers & Harness Covers, Padded Styling, Streamlined flat storage pocket
  • Four Air Tires with Three “Tri” modes including a fixed, 45 degree & swivel mode

Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller Reviews

This was our best buy for parents of 19 month old and newborn … (By Engedalians)

This was our best buy for parents of 19 month old and newborn twins. The newborns are small but ride comfortably laying down and sleep comfortably. Our toddler loves the Joey seat (sold separately).

There may be cheaper options for 2 children, but for 3 infants/toddlers, this is the best product you can buy.

Superb quality.

… have had this stroller for 8 months now and love it very much (By Svetlana Burenin)

I have had this stroller for 8 months now and love it very much! I have been using this stroller almost daily, for my twin girls since they were 1 month old. We live out in the country and don’t have sidewalks, also our road is gravel, but this stroller rides smoothly and easily on most terrains, grass, gravel, ice, snow and sand. We even went hiking on trails in the woods several times and it rides easily over the rocks and tree roots with ease. The wheels are big and just what we needed for the country. I also love the foot rest, because I use it as a bench to sit on and breastfeed the babies or just to rest and read, while the girls are sleeping. It is big and bulky, and takes most of the room in the van trunk. But I love it and would recommend it. I also love the fully reclining seats, because you can use it from birth and my babies are comfortable sleeping in it while we are out side.

Best stroller for 3 (or even 4) kiddos! Amazing customer service! (By Kimberly)

We love this stroller and take it everywhere–even on the beach! It is quite easy to push on level ground and a bit more challenging uphill. We have three babies under 2 and they all love it. We get many many compliments on this stroller. Valco also provides excellent customer service!!! We couldn’t find those blasted screws that so many others struggled to find. I called Valco, someone answered the phone immediately, and told us exactly where to look. We also somehow managed to break the pump and after calling this morning, they are sending us a new one. We highly recommend this company and stroller! Also, there is a possibility to add a hitch hiker on the back, so you can technically push FOUR children in this stroller!

Poorly made and designed (By Amazon Customer)

At first it worked pretty well. We got it with the Joey Jumpseat for our three kids – almost four, two, and one. It was comfortable, and pretty easy to use. Turning was a bit of an issue, there really isn’t any setting for the front wheels that worked all that well, but just try finding a workable triple stroller that’s smaller than a SmartCar.

The problems started to show pretty quickly. The materials are all pretty flimsy. The fabric used for the jumpseat started to fray within the first two weeks or so. We duct-taped it up, so now it holds together pretty well, but for the cost it shouldn’t need to be reinforced like that. The adjustable handle parts are basically all plastic, so it broke down after a few months. It’s now in the lowest setting, and we can’t raise it back up, so it’s almost impossible to push, and absolutely impossible to turn.

Actually, check that. Turning isn’t an issue, because the front wheels stopped functioning a week before the handle went to hell. To make anything more than a slight, gentle turn, you have to go to the front of the stroller and physically turn the front wheels by hand. It’s extremely annoying, but again, the result of flimsy materials and poor design. We took one of the kids out in our Chariot last night, and what a reminder of how a stroller is supposed to be designed.

We spent over $1100 for the Valco and the extra attachments, and basically got eight months use out of it.

… had this stroller about two weeks and I’m in love!! (By Amazon Customer)

I’ve had this stroller about two weeks and I’m in love!!! Yes it is a little big and heavy but it holds my 8mo twins and my 2 yr old very comfortably. It’s very easy to push even loaded down the kids and diaper bags. The basket under the stroller is a little small so I have to hang the diaper bag on the handle. It folds smaller than the twin stroller I was using and when you take the front wheels off it makes it flatter so it take up even less space. We took it the out local fair last night and we were able to take all the children! It maneuvered in the big crowds so easy. I also like that the twins are behind my son so strangers couldn’t get to them as easy (for some reason stranger like to touch them like they’re any different than a single baby). I know the price is hefty but the stroller is made very sturdy. I assembled it alone and it wasn’t too hard the directions but weren’t very clear in a few spots.

This is perfect for our 2 month old twins and 22 month … (By K. Holt)

This is perfect for our 2 month old twins and 22 month toddler (with the joey seat). Make sure you order spare inner tubes though.

Love (By B. R.)

Perfect for my triplets! I can even take it on the rugged terrain of my neighborhood trail. Only downside is how heavy it is to lift into my minivan. But it is the best triplet stroller there is!

Love it. Best double jogging stroller I found (By Lori)

Love it. Best double jogging stroller I found, after months of researching and testing. Only con is that it’s awkward and heavy when folded, and it is hard to lift into cars.